Best Sony Earbuds – In Ear Headphones Reviews in 2017

We summarized the user’s experiences, expert’s reviews and from our forum members to make it easy for you to find a set of Sony earbuds of your taste and lifestyle. Not all Sony earbuds–Aural headphones are well-known, since some of them missed to deliver what I consider to be high-fidelity. Here we’ve rounded up Top 10 Best Sony Earbuds.

Sony earbuds has been made all better, as they are more comfortable to wear, lighter, supposedly smarter and have exceptionally higher-sound quality. They offer various earbuds that fit to your lifestyle, from active life to audiophile one.

sony earbuds for everything you need
sonySony is a very reliable Japanese company with long history in Audio and most of you probably knew the famous Walkman of Sony in the late 1979s (recently they’ve introduced Sony Walkman NW-ZX2, a premium high-res audio player). Sony made some of the most incredible earbuds and speakers. This company seems to offer everything for frequent music listeners: All the way from standard earbuds for casual listening to high-end earbuds.

  • If you love the sound blow out from metal body try Sony MDR-EX650
  • Dynamic, Balanced Armature Driver or their combination which one do you prefer? If you’ve been around with dynamic drivers, why don’t try Sony XBA-4 with BA drivers.
  • Your lifestyle: what sport do you play daily, does your earbuds fit securely in your ears and do you hear the noise from cable’s bouncing while you warm up? even you fly into the pool, music is still alive with Sony’s waterproof earbuds. Sony earbuds offers a solution for everything.
  • Bass head: SONY MDR-XB90EX

TOP Rated Sony Earbuds For Audiophile SONY’s XBA-4(read the full reviews)

The best quality comes with the expensive price of SONY’s XBA-4, it’s pretty good at noise isolating and best quality ever in Balanced Armature Driver earbud class for under $200. You probably know the BA earbuds will deliver the intensity in a more stable manner than Dynamic Driver earbuds. This Quad-driver Earbuds assists in processing the sound better in wider layers and much more clarity. Note that other XBA models, including XBA-1, XBA-2, and XBA-3 integrated one, two, and 3 BA drivers in each earbuds housing, respectively.

Best Sub-$100 Sony Earbuds

SONY MDR-XB90EX Enhanced Bass (read the full reviews)
Beat by Dr’s success with Beat headphones along with pop culture prove that more people need powerful bass to enjoy R&B, Dance…The $100 SONY MDR-XB90EX is following the trend, and it is one of the best Sony earbuds engineered for any bass head. The powerful bass, clear sound, good noise-isolating feature and impressive design make these earbuds standing out among other customized for bass enhancement. However, it doesn’t seem that you can use it for excercise. The SONY MDR-XB90EX looks quite sturdy since it hosts 16mm Dynamic driver to maximize the bass performance.

Sony MH1C Earbuds–This smart headset is connected to The Smart Connect App. Sony MH1C  featuring the control buttons and mics is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Except that the flat cable to prevent tangles somehow look un-pleasant to eyes, generally the design is pretty good. Since Sony MH1C is well balanced and warm, so you will probably find acoustic music of all genres. While treble is not extremely crisp and remarkable with detail, the bass plays its role and midrange remains the layer for nice and sweet sound. 

Sony earbuds--smart headsets

SONY MDR-EX650(Read the full reviews)

Best sony earbuds for basshead

SONY MDR-EX650 truly makes you feel strong bass and clarity treble. The Y- twist cord is very durable, and folks still complain about cable knotting and earbuds that are easy to break. It is not a worry for this Sony in-ear headphones. The unique shape metal body brings about a elegant and stylish look to the earbuds. Finally, both the affordable price and sound quality will satisty to music lovers.

Active noise cancelling earbuds, Sony MDRNC13 doesn’t work perfectly, but with long battery life and decent ANC function that definitely can shut you away from the noisy world. It certainly is the on-flight item of every frequent flyer.

Best sony noise cancelling earbuds

Swimmers can enjoy music experience under-water with  Waterproof Sony Walkman NWZW274S , you dont’ need to connect it wirelessly to your devices to stream music since it’s adready been integrated with 4Gb-storage Mp3 player.

Best sony waterproof earbuds

Best Sony Budget Earbuds: they tune evenly over all the range of sounds, which other cheap sets fail to deliver along with details. The Sony MDR-EX37B has nearly identical sound to Panasonic RP-TCM125 Ergo Fit that is one of the best cheap earbuds availalbe (thewirecutter reviewed), but this Sony earbuds won’t feature an inline remote and mic to pick up the call and navigate tracks.

Sony MDR-EX37B

Best Sony Earbuds for Sports

Most runners hates earbud falling out while they are enjoying their paces, so the more secure fit the better. Though it shouldn’t cause discomfort. Ask yourself what design do you like:
Clip, hook or neckband. The wired sony earbuds normally cost less than $50 for sports such as MDR-AS41EX with an adjustable hanger. Make your workout easy and relaxed with music. 

best sony earbuds for running

Other wireless option try Sony SBH 80 with 8 hours of battery. It’s designed with a neckband and integrated battery. The sound quality is decent, and the quality of the call is just great. The SBH bluetooth earbuds are made for sports and casual office users.

the best bluetooth headphones for running

The Sony SBH80 was utilized the aptX® technology for pairing with bluetooth devices, which streams better sound than other regular bluetooth earbuds. But in order to take advantage of the AptX, devices must support it. (See more wireless Bluetooth earbuds)

Your listening experience is varied along with your prefered music genres. After all, we consider the sound quality, purposes, built-in quality, and design of the top audio manufacturers including: Panasonic, Sony, Bose, Klipsch to pick up the best earbuds. We also keep up with any trend and new tech in any of these manufacturers to help providing you the general stage and knowledge about what’s more from earbuds-in ear headphones.

Sony is always the leading company in audio industry and you see most headphones out there with Sony label. They recently have introduced the High-resolution audio to complement what they missed to deliver earlier. This will give users richer experience in music. If you’ve not yet to become a fan of Sony brand, it’s probably quite hard for you to find the earbud for you to fall in love with. They may not all be sleek, but they throw in treble, bass and mid-tone detail varied from one model to another model.

Some features of Sony Earbuds you might be intersted in:

The high-end Sony earbuds is compatible with an Smart Key App available on Play Store, the app will let you customize the button in-line remote such as picking up the call and navigating tracks…

Sony earbuds hasn’t popped up with heart rate tracking feature yet, but you are expected to see them in the near future. Some manufacturers like LG, SMS Audio, Jabra have their very first versions of HRM earbuds.


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