1ByOne Wireless Sports Earbuds Review

1Byone makes many cool gadgets at a low price for home uses such as TV accessories, home security and audio accessories. One of which is a wireless in ear headphone for sports. We got a free sample from them, a pair of Bluetooth earbuds and here’s our unbiased review after

Cool 1byone Music Plasma Ball works as Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speakers have been long considered a great audio device for tablet and smartphone users, who want to experience room filling sound. 1byone offers the product that not only work as a Bluetooth speaker but a cool plasma pattern. It is a small size, cool plasma ball.

Best Budget Bluetooth Headphones [Bluedio Turbine T2]

Are you looking for cheap Bluetooth headphones that sound good the price and many kinds of music, movies and games? Now certainly it is not hard to find Bluetooth headphones that sound decent for under $50-I mean for casual or entry-level listeners. A lot of inexpensive sets out

Power Acoustik HP902R Review

Best Budget Wireless Headphones For TV In some situations, you can’t use regular headphones, the audio-output or the nature of the devices don’t allow you to do so. Rare audio gadgets are able to bridge that missing puzzle, and the Power Acoustik HP902R provides a great solution

Sennheiser RS 160 Review

This is by far one of the best wireless home theater headphones you will find in the market. They don’t just sound great with your TV or music player, but they are also quite affordable. You can get your hands on this bad boy at the price

Sennheiser RS 170 Review

The Seinnheiser RS 170 is a great set of wireless headphones for TV and  those audiophiles who love wandering around while getting their regular entertainment fix. This wireless headphone kind of resembles the RS 160 in terms of overall build, but is a bit more expensive though,

Top Four Great Around-Neck Design Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds/Headsets

With current 2.4 GHz Wireless TECH, it is not feasible to make cordless Bluetooth earbuds–2 separated pieces worn on each ear, which is capable of creating stereo sound. Though, there are four potential true wireless earbuds available for pre-order including, Hearnote, FreeWavz, Bragi Dash and Earin. Those cordless earbuds will pop up on

Sony STH30 Earbuds Review

Sony has recently announced the new earbuds model, STH30, for a budget price tag. The STH30 comes in the flashy design, which you can find typically identical to Apple Earpods, and is lightweight and water/dust-resistance scored IP5-7. That means it can be submersed in water at depth 1m for 30 seconds or

Four Best Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones in 2015

For over the ear style/full size headphones–fully surround your ears, combined both features ANC and Wireless the $500 Sennheiser Momentum Wireless 2 is the best wireless noise cancelling headphones on the market right now. It gained that reward for the premium sound over Bluetooth 4.0 supported by Apt X,

2015’s Top 5 Best Over-The-Ear Headphones Under $100

If you’re an audiophile or simply a music lover, you probably know this type of audio equipment. ‘Over-the-ear’ or full size headphones are just that, (crafted to fit comfortably around the ear) as opposed to in-the-ear ( as is usually the case with ear buds, earphones or

How To Make Eartips from Earplugs

Eartips come with your stock earbuds may not be comfortable and fit securely. To improve your music listening experience, you can make your own eartips. What you need 1. Robbins Instruments Disposable Biopsy Punches Assorted – 2,3,3.5,4,5 mm – Box/25 – Sterile 2. Earplugs like Moldex 6800 Pura-Fit

Top 5 Over Ear Headphones under 50

Since the headphone market has expanded with plenty of new brands and models, now it is tough to pick the right pair matched to your needs. However specifically for under $50, there are some cans that sound really good for the money and top the competition. Here, we

Best Bluetooth SoundBar of 2015

Bluetooth Soundbars are not just long considered as home theater systems, but can stream audio content wirelessly from your devices. There are many great Bluetooth soundbars in the market, and opinions may be varied on which one is the best of all, but whether they come with a

Best Cheap Bluetooth Headset of 2015

Budget Bluetooth Headsets of 2015: Which one is right for you? Making calls with a wire earbuds is not that convenient, since the cable can create noise as it bounces from your movements and you may have to solve the mess from tangled cable. If you frequently have a lot of

Topping NX1 Review–decent amplifier for Earbuds

Want to improve your music experience from earbuds just by attaching a portable amplifier to your phones? Making your smartphones sound good as Hi-Fi Audio Equiment, but you don’t have to invest much money on it, perhaps Topping NX1 may help. Here’s our review of the budget amp

Huawei’s TalkBand N1- overview-review

Running alone without music is tough experience, if you have a wired earbuds it’s not quiet easy to manage cable while you move. Escape from cable, a set of wireless bluetooth earbuds does that. But earbuds is not simply music, they are now integrated more smart features,

Samsung Galaxy, Next Gen New Earbuds

Samsung has recently introduced their next gen flagship smartphones, Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge. It was reportedly come with new earbuds. Samsung was supposedly teamed up with Sennheiser for their latest earbuds, which would be a revamp for audio quality. But it does appear that these earbuds were not

5 Best Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Earbuds to Buy in 2015

Wireless connection has been around for years, but when it comes to earbuds, there is a well-known fact that some of the compressed audio data is discarded so the earbuds can’t deliver all sound data from portable MP3 players or smartphones. That’s why there are a lot