Xiaomi Redmi Airdots True Wireless Earbuds

Everyday I randomly pick a pair of earbuds to feature on my site. Today it is the Xiaomi Airdots.

So what you can get for $30 Airdots?

Airdots’s battery is 4 hours – not as my expectation 5 hours would be good.

While you can see a small icon which tells the battery’s remain of Airdots on the phone screen, no battery indicator for the charging case.

Earbuds are lightweight (4.2 grams compared to Appled Airpods 4 grams like every revievers set Airpods as a standard to make a comparison)

Custom pick for case’s color (Currently they offer black, white, blue, and additional accessories such as cables)

The Airdots sound decent with pronounced bass and clear (not as clear as Airpods)

Airdots are quite comfortable and rubber eartips are not at highest quality since I prefer it silicon or foam tips for replacements. But the noise-isolation is good and it’s good for light physical activity.

Call quality isn’t great and even good since Airdots doesn’t filter out the background noises that good – the callers may hear any sounds surrounding you. So if you often on calls it’d be better to pick others.

Though Airdots are cheap – it has touch control for me it’s an expensive feature.

Do single tap – stop/play a song

Double tap to trigger Google Voice Assistant/Siri.

The Airdots cover a standard range for Bluetooth connection, which is 10 meters (32 feet).

All features, sound combined the Redmi Airdots are really worth the cost.


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