Xiaomi Mi Hybrid Pro HD – Tripble Driver Earbuds to Beat

Note that the Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD was first announced in 2017, Xiaomi released the 2nd gen – the Xiaomi Mi Hybrid Pro 2 in 2018.

The Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD is an newest form of triple driver earbuds and these retail is $30.

The Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD have dual dynamic driver and a balanced armature on each earpiece, which is unsual for this price range. It really disrupts the budget earbuds market’s which is dominant by Anker, Panasonic – equipped with single driver.

The Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD’s sound is dynamic (that’s how dual dynamic driver works) and the details excel (fortified by BA driver). The highs is bright the bass is somehow lacking and mid-range is just fine. It’s the earphones that I feel somewhat have their own characteristic in sound – meaning it sound is not identical to others with the price range.

The build quality is great, metal housings are strong and the earpieces are lightweight and comfortable.

Everyday I randomly pick a pair of earbuds to feature on my site, just to see on-going earbuds improvements (sound vs. being smart vs. price) . Today it is the Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD.  I am not affiliated to Xiaomi or any brands that their products listed on my posts.


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