Xiaomi AirDots Pro True Wireless Earbuds with Active Noise Cancelling Feature

Yep Xiaomi AirDots Pro Look like Airpods – the pure white and sort of design, but their ANC works! At first I don’t believe because given its size the ANC capacity is unlikely. And this feature could challenge Airpods.

I also covered the Xiaomi Redmi Airdots (released November 2018, retailed for less than $50 and it is the first true wireless earbuds from Xiaomi) check out for quick comparison.

The AirDots Pro have been on the market a couple of month ago. On the first day they went on sale (11 Jan 2019) the AirDots Pro sold out after 4 minutes)

Airdots Pro’s housings are a bit larger than Airpods, and they look less refined. Airpods are more polished.

With eartips AirDots Pro have a better noise isolation (I often call it physical noise isolation) it fits more securely too.

It’s interesting to see how far ANC feature would go for TWS we have Sony WF-SP700N (Apple reportedly will release the new Airpods with ANC too) but they have gone nowhere. The ANC of AirDots Pro works effectively (it’s hard to tell if compared with wired Bose QC20), to activate this feature touch and hold either L or R earbud for 3 seconds.

The AirDots Pro’s sound isn’t great. I hear a plenty of bass (associated with muddy sound I could say), the highs is not clear as I thought It would.

AirDots Pro have a sensor that can detect when you have on or take out earbuds to play/pause music. Touch control is responsive and you can take calls with a single touch.

Nifty feature?

Magnetically clap into the charging case.

Microphone quality is also just passable, not highly rated though. Probably because of the CVC function built in the Bluetooth chip it doesn’t filter out the noise well. The caller said he heard my voice mixed with background noises.

The battery life doesn’t meet the stardard (5 hours) with just 3 hours of listening, the charging case holds 10 hours more.

To pair Airdots Pro with your phones (Android or iOS) – Pop the case then press and hold the button on the side of case, tap the “Mi True Wireless Earphones” on Bluetooth setting on your phone.

When you pop 2 earbuds out of the case they will automatically sync.


  • A lot of advance feature like Airpods Active noise cancellation works Good noise isolation Paragraph Charging case with USB-C port.
  • Cheap price


  • Rude design not quite ergonomically coutour to the ear
  • Sound quality isn’t toned (mediocre sound)
  • Average battery life – if ANC on even less juice for earbuds
  • It’s tricky to pop earbud out of the case (You have to learn a bit)

What we can expect for the next version – ANC, sound and battery life (the company doesn’t hint which Bluetooth chipset for the Airdots Pro – Airpods with H1 is superior for managing Bluetooth stuff and power efficiency)


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