X18 True Wireless Earbuds 2019

When earbuds are no need to be creative in design then the carrying case come in.

While X18 earbuds are small and light weight their charging case are big and it looks like a mice for your laptop.

The case has 500-mAh built in battery, which can provide 5 full charges for each earbud.

The X19 can work with any phones (iOS and Android) but it only supports Bluetooth 4.2 quite obsolete given Bluetooth 5.0 is very popular.

Though the earbuds can last around 3 hours it is dirt cheap, currently on sale for $15 on Aliexpress.

You would see a lot of TWS with the name X18 – because they used the same Bluetooth module and customizing the Bluetooth module’s name is quite time consuming.

This post is in the series – New Wireless Earbuds 2019

X18 True Wireless Earbuds
  • Design and comfort
  • Build quality
  • Sound quality
  • Value


X18 offers great value for a pair of true wireless earbuds

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