Would you pay $350 for these Louis Vuitton Airpods Accessory

As the most popular truly wireless earbuds, AirPods drew a huge amount of interest around the world since their first release. Making Airpods accessories could create a business like Airpods strap, cases or eartips.

Not just an accessory when the fashion brands come in, when combining the fashion aspects and the Airpods into a stylish and elegant product.

We’ve seen the LV in collaboration with Master & Dynamic to launch the LV Horizon, this time they make an accessory literally called, earrings for Airpods

The Airpods earrings cost $350

On Twitter, a lot of users share the photo of LV accessory that is clearly intended for women. However these accessory can’t work as a strap to keep earbuds safe if they accidentally fall out.

Airpods is lightweight and these accessories could add make it a bit heavy but won’t change the user experience. The $350 price tag is more expensive than the Airpods Pro – Apple earbuds with ANC feature.

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