Wood Bluetooth Earbuds Really They make it

A environmentfriendly wooden earbuds cost $60 – VIZILI Primo Wireless Bluetooth 5.0

Because the Bluetooth earbuds are so popular – consumers now are seeking for something new, advanturous and even classic. And wooden earbuds would be a fit given that they get all current tech to impose.

No limitation for which can be used to make earbuds’ housings. Metal, aluminium, copper, plastic and well environmentfriendly wood.

But for secure fit the rubber wingtips and eartips are directly in contact with your ears when you wear these earbuds. In the future wooden Bluetooth earbuds may come without eartips like Apple Airpods.

In this post, I intruduce a pair of wooden earbuds – VIZILI Primo Wireless Bluetooth 5.0

Wooden housings and fabric cable are appealing and IPX5 Rating is a plus for active personalities.

The earbuds can last 8 hours and for pairing they are supported by Bluetooth 5.0, which is more efficient for power management and pairing

For sound perspective – no difference between metal and wood models. But in terms of look and feel, the wooden Bluetooth earbuds are more classic and “vintage”

Quick specs

  • 120 mAh battery
  • Driver size: 6mm
  • Impedance: 12 Ohm
  • Sensitivity: 50 Hz – 20k Hz
  • Bluetooth: 5.0, AptX
  • Bluetooth range: 20 m

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