Wired Earbuds Will Sooner or Later Disappear

But not all.

High end may still exist for audiophiles.

And since kids aren’t good at Bluetooth things.

So we still see wired earbuds with old MP3 players around with kids.

Since I got a new pair of Bluetooth earbuds,and the most recently, a pair of TWS, wired earbuds are things in the past.

They are not even a backup option while I travel in case my Bluetooth set run out of battery.

There are a few reasons

#1. Bluetooth earbuds are getting better. They do sound good, match wired performance. Audio makers figure out the sounding profile that most people love/think it is good.

#2. Bluetooth earbuds’ battery lasts longer. We don’t have to recharge them so often, howerver their battery will degrades after 2 or 3 years of use

10 hours for wired Bluetooth earbuds or 5 hours with TWS plus a charging chase.

#3. Cheaper or the same as you get wired earbuds

#4. Your phones don’t have 3.5mm port.

Since Apple removed the 3.5mm port, that changed the earbuds forever.

Apple want to boost their accessories since it acquired Beats, removing the jack is a business strategy rather than to make iPhone slimmer or maybe both.

#5. Wire is knotting and tangling

Though wired is more durable than Bluetooth models, the cable gets mess.

And you don’t like this.

#6. Bluetooth earbuds have a processor for better call quality.

#7. A wire dangling down your neck and holding the inline while you make a calls is not professional.

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