White Noise Earbuds To Improve Your Focus and Sleeping

One of benefits of white noise is to help you fall asleep.

While you can find white noise tracks on Spotify and other streaming services. A pair of earbuds and portable white noise machine are great when no 4G availabe or you want to be away from your phone because it is distracting with a lot of notifications.

Bluetooth earbuds with MP3 player built-in exists and you can load your white noise tracks and play them when you need to sleep, but they are rather large to wear for sleeping.

Sound Oasis S-001 provides a solution: a pair of small earbuds and portable white noise generator.

Claimed as world’s smallest portable white noise generator, the Sound Oasis S-001 includes a pair of earbuds that block out the noise and small enough to wear while you sleep
  • Solid battery life up to 30 hours
  • Earbuds are comfortable to wear for sleeping
  • Volume control and the generator is pre-loaded with 10 chilled white noise tones

If you’ve adready got small earbuds, download a white noise app, and some apps allow you to generate the noise based on your preference, for instance Chroma Doze or Noisli.

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