Which Form Factor When You Choose Bluetooth Earbuds For Your Kids

Cable broken or frayed happen often when you kids accidentally tug their earbuds’ cable you may think of getting a pair of Bluetooth earbuds for them.

  • Neckband Bluetooth earbuds
  • True wireless earbuds – like Airpods or Airpods Pro
  • Bluetooth earbuds for kids with ear hook or clips – worn over the ear

Come in different from factor but they have to be comfortable and small in order to fit children’ ears.

Not many Bluetooth earbuds have volume limiting feature so you have to use volume limiting app available on both Android/iOS devices.

Setting up Bluetooth connection initially can be a bit complicated but your kids can get used to it. Given the wild popularity of AirPods , in the feature perhaps TWS will become the mainstream of headphone both for entertaining and learning. It’s good if you kids are prepared for this and let them interact with these items from the early ages.

Wire wireless Bluetooth, neckband and true wireless

Here I make a comparison table help you which form is best for your kids

Round – winnerBluetooth earbuds with cableNeckband Bluetooth earbudsTrue wireless
PairingEasierEasierQuite complicated for kids
Fit and ComfortCable dangling downNeckband No cable, cable or neckband
Battery lifeAverageBest battery lifeShort battery life
DurabilityExposed to stretching cable or frayingMost rugged and durable formEasily to drop or get lost
Sound qualityGoodGoodSomewhat better
Charging caseNoNoYes
Bluetooth earbuds with wingtips

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