What Are The Best Waterproof Earbuds?

Sports and music are certainly a perfect couple! While folks are still seeking for Bluetooth earbuds just for running, weightlifting…Other sports taking place in the water like swimming, surfing, kayaking or snorkeling require earbuds featured with waterproof, so you can listen your favorite tracks under water, which is very possible, thanks to new tech and design.

“Swimming is just relaxed for some but for athletes it is about breaking records.”

Which waterproof earbuds or swimbuds would you choose for the water sports and let music boost your motivation even while swimming. Here is our top picks

 Surfing over high waves with music from earbuds

Picture at coxpurtell.com.au What’s the best waterproof earbuds for surfing?

What Is The Best Waterproof Earbuds?

We rated these best waterproof earbuds based on their performance, comfort, convenience, secure fit and IPX value. Some waterproof earbuds have integrated mp3 players, so you get 2 in 1: waterproof earbuds and waterproof mp3 player. Other like Swimbuds, you need to have your own waterproof device to pair with.






 71nwScgRHaL._SL1500_ Waterproof Sony Walkman NWZW274S Waterproof Earbuds in mp3 players  $$$  4.24


 Under water Earbuds+ Apple iPod shuffle Waterproof (Purple)

 Wired earbuds+iPod


$$$  4.84.5
 61htAfX4J-L._SL1500_ Waterproof earbuds
Swimbuds 100%
 Waterproof Wired earbuds  $$  4.04
  Diver (TM) Waterproof MP3 Player Waterproof earbuds +waterproof mp3 player $$ 4.24
 Waterproof MP3 Music Player Aerb® 4G Waterproof MP3 Music Player Waterproof earbuds +waterproof mp3 player $$ 3.84

The most important thing is these in-ear headphones have to be 100% waterproof (IPX rated with 7/8 score), otherwise it is going to be easily getting damaged by seawater, for example, if you take them to your beach holiday. Waterproof earbuds means the earbuds can be submerged completely underwater for long periods of time, and there won’t be water leaking into interior housing earbuds containing the wires, circuit and drivers.

You might have read a lot of complaint about waterproof earbuds with bad waterproof functionality. The battery is not be charged or earbuds stop working after a month or even after several days, which are the common problems caused by water leaking in the earbud housing.

Another factor about waterproof earbuds is connectivity, you can choose wireless waterproof earbuds instead of wired earbuds. They are normally built in mp3 players and the battery life is long up to 10 hours for single charge. You may think it’s a bit heavy to wear those, not at all. Sony made a good move with Sony Walkman NWZW274S-light weight 28gr keeping your tunes played under 2 meter water deep. The wireless waterproof in-ear headphones are commonly used for swimmers.

If it’s wired earbuds you need a light mp3 players such as waterproof Ipod Shuffle to couple with. Light, small and compact eabuds are recommended. These earbuds must be easy to attach to the any appropriate position of your body like neck, head or bicep. Additionally, the eartips have to give good fitting and stability.

Because these earbuds are specifically designed for water sports, so you would not expect their performance is excellent as high-end earbuds like SONY  MDR-EX1000 Earbuds or JVC HA-FX850 earbuds. However for athletes these earbuds may boost your energy to achieve your goals because under water they will hear alot of sound mixed with music.

The reviews of 5 best waterproof earbuds.

 71nwScgRHaL._SL1500_  Sony Walkman NWZW274S, the latest waterproof earbuds of Sony, is one of the best waterproof earbuds on the market. Most swimmers agree, considering the sound quality, comfort and performance. Most importantly, this earbuds gives a comfortable fits to your ears. It also gives you extra-bass music to boost your motivations and changes your underwater experiences.

The technology and experiences in long history in Audio of SONY translates to a very good waterproof earbuds. If it is charged in just 1 minute, you will use it up to 1 hour. Additionally, it’s 100% waterproof and the sound quality is, I think, above other waterproof earbuds. At price tag around $100, this is a very well-designed earbuds, and it should last you a long time.

Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod Swimbuds Bundle

 ipods  The qualified Ipod Apple iPod shuffle pairs with very good Swimbuds 100% Waterproof Earbuds.It’s for all activities and you are never worried about earbuds stop working because of water. Now you can use your iPod underwater and enjoy music from it.

Swimbuds 100% Waterproof Earbuds

 61htAfX4J-L._SL1500_  If you’ve already had waterproof mp3 player such as Iphone or iPod with waterproof cases or you can make it become waterproof, read “ How to turn your earbuds into waterproof earbuds“. This is a great choice for you, this swimbuds are used to couple with Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod as mentioned above.

Diver (TM) Waterproof MP3 Player 4 GB and Waterproof Earbuds

 71hIGCd31ZL._SL1500_  You see this earbuds in this list. So why did we list it? Price. It can be surprisingly difficult to find a decent earbuds with reasonable price. The Diver (TM) Waterproof MP3 Player gets your water sports done pretty well with price tag for around $60. It’s one of the best waterproof earbuds at this price point, and it’s a good entry-level waterproof earbuds.

Aerb® 4G Waterproof MP3 Music Player

 Waterproof MP3 Music Player  Around $40 you will get good waterproof earbuds for your swimming. Aerb® 4G Waterproof earbuds have flexible cords but the bass is just acceptable as well as the sound quality. Overall, it’s nice try if you don’t want to invest much money on waterproof earbuds.

There is another great option if you’ve ready have the Smartphones in which the bluetooth working range can cover the length of swimming pool. BlueAnt Pump is not very comfortable but It will not loosen while you are diving.

BlueAnt Pump bluetooth waterproof headphones

If you’ve owned earbuds and mp3 players and don’t want invest more into waterproof earbuds. The simple and tricky way is making them waterproof with Nanostate Flash Flood Green

What does IPX Rating mean?

The IPX rating system tells you exactly how your earbuds can survice from water, coded as IPX-x  and scaled from IPX-0 to IPX-8, the number indicates the level of protection of products from water. If your earbuds are waterproof, the should be coded as IPX-7 or IPX-8. Read more about IPX here.

Fitting under water of eartips. Water activities are particularly vigorous,  if your under water earbuds don’t fit securely, it sucks.  Generally the eartips come with 3 common shapes: regular type (BlueAnt Pump), triple flange and mushroom (Swimbuds).

Build quality Waterproof earbud housings, as far as I’ve known, have to be able to seal inner components from water, and made by the materials, commonly plastic to withstand to breakage or corrosion.

What waterproof earbuds do you have? Share your experiences about it by comment below.

Note: The housing of the water resistance in-ear headphones will be filled up with water you submerse it in water, it’s not the case for waterproof headphones.

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