What If Your Kids Beg For A Pair of Airpods

Not surprised

This kid is excited trying out the Apple Airpods Pro for the first time – Photo: Apple

Because they see Airpods frequently and are curious about it – The truth is Airpods are not just all over social media, the white unique look appears everywhere.

Quick search on instagram: #airpods get 1,768,480 posts

Remmember the last time you give your son the Airpods, let’s him enjoy some entertaining content on iPad, because you want him to focus on something and won’t distract you.

Ah one more thing, that’s because

Your kids sibblings have already got Apple Airpods, they have at least experienced using it one time or twice, so they are thrilled with that experience.

Before you decide to buy your kids Airpods/Airpod Pro, here are a few things you should know about

  • Safe for kids but school ban them since Airpods can be used to cheat on tests and distract students. A Tiktok video shows a trick how two kids have a conversation by trading their earbuds and using Google text to speech.
  • Airpods are expensive and wearing earbuds your kids will look “rich and privilege”
  • As a small item, your kids are prone to a serious choking hazard
  • Airpods are loud for kids’s ears
  • Children are often careless about tech items they may lose any bud, even charging case the cost for replacements isn’t cheap
  • Are you confident to give your 11-13 year old kids $250 item
  • Kids even have a comparison between Airpods’s sound and knockoffs (10 time cheapers), not just about the fit and comfort.
  • Airpods Pro are way more expensive than Airpods, but it has eartips and ANC – great to isolate the noise.
  •  It’s an engineering challenge that Apple did pack a lot of things into compact sized Airpods that even fit perfectly kids’ ears.

The tipless Airpods may not fit child’s ears but Airpods Pro (which cost $90 more) could fit in. The ANC feature would be a benefit – I would say it’s safer than Airpods because it isolate sound better and ANC means kids won’t have to turn up the volume.

Airpods and Airpods Pro

Airpods from meme on social media to the best selling true wireless earbuds and now kids want them too. This signals the boom of hearable tech, or ear-worn devices that they have already been popular.

Airpods are high-end tech product, Apple doesn’t specify which age would be suitable for using Airpods, but Android and iOS have apps for parents to monitor the volume level.

Other than hearing problem, Bluetooth transmission also raises concerns for health problem, whether or not it’s bad for kids, there is no conclusive evidence yet.

So why not to give your kids a cheap pair of earbuds until they grow up and are responsible enough since true wireless with charging case, cable and easy-to-lose form factor may be messier than the tangled wired earbuds.


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