WearBuds True Wireless Earbuds and Wristband Finally Coupled

If you have a smart watch and true wireless earbuds.

It is great if your earbuds can be stored and charged in a compartment of smartwatch when not in use. 

So you don’t have to carry on an charging case. 

The type of combination has been crowdfunded somewhere but I found a very interesting product on Aliexpress. 

As in China the speed of innovation is fast. New products will meet the competition within months. 


Wristband and true wireless earbuds, Neat!?

Music and fitness tracking on the go. 

Built in HR or Blood pressure tracking feature is more complicated than it seems on earbuds, but on wristbands it is more simple because they have more room for PCA and other parts.

Activate Siri and Google Assistant. With a companion app (called AMKang) it can track HR, steps, distances, Blood pressure. 

So you have to set up two connections: wristband and true wireless earbuds.

The earbuds fit well and provide a impressive bass.

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