Vibration EarBuds That Wake You Up Without Disturbing Your Partner Or Roommates

In my free time like a break before lunch I often search for something interesting related to earbuds – guess what I found today the Mezamashi Vibrating Alarm Earbuds.

King Jim is a company that makes strange electronic gadgets like mouse with built-in camera who would need this?

But this pair of earbuds made by Kim Jim is very helpful it can double as an alarm clock but it won’t annoy other with external noise when it wakes you up. If you commute on a train or bus and need to to slip in a quick nap in 15min, these earbuds can help wake you up for next stop or just remind you won’t oversleep by vibrating. Or other situations such as in office, during lunch break you want to take a nap before back to work, the earbuds are really useful.

The earbuds vibrate in your ears may be better a good alarm clock.

Josiah – TheBestEarBuds.Com
Credit photo: Ketut Subiyanto @pexels

Mezamashi Vibrating Alarm Earbuds is a silent alarm clock that can do more than just waking you up by vibrating, they can work a pair of earplugs that help you escape from noises, won’t wake you your partners or roommates by external alarm sound. If you like listening to some tracks while sleeping – the Mezamashi sounds good with clarity and detail.

There are 3 vibration levels and the vibration function powered by a single AAA battery that last for a half year. Pick the level you feel the most comfortable but t’s still able to buzz you.

The earbuds are comfortable and have a good noise isolation and retailed for $120 (at the time of writing)

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