True Wireless IEMs (In Ear Monitors)

The true wireless technology is almost perfect.

It provides rock solid Bluetooth connection and continuously add more features to earbuds – surround sound effect, ANC, fitness tracking, etc.,

This tech hasn’t applied on IEMs from established brands like JH Audio, Astell&Kern or AKG yet.

However, if you’ve got a pair of IEMs (MMXC or 2pin connectors) you can turn them into true wireless IEMs with Bluetooth attachment like Fiio UTWS1 module. If not true wireless IEMs have already existed, and you can find a lot of options out there.

While Airpods Pro, WF-1000XM3, Jabra Elite 75t or PowerBeats Pro are great TWS earbuds, and I think vast majority of consumer actually like them, but should we call them IEMs?

Not quite!

IEMs are dedicated to audiophiles they are not really a tech item, and their sound is highly characterized. Though there are hybrid-earbuds and IEMs design, but in this post I focus on the pure IEMs look. I recommend a couple of true wireless IEMs that sound excellent, good build quality, factors that most IEMs are qualified for.

KZ S2 – Dual Driver (1DD + 1BA)

The KZ S2 was successfully crowdfunded on Indiegoo by kz acoustics, it has dual driver and entry tier Bluetooth processor, the Realtek 8763.

These budget true wireless IEMs deliver what it’s worth for – the sound and plastic build for 50 bucks.

The S2 has been reviewed somewhere with V-shape sounding profile which is bass and treble focus, but a bit lean to the treble, making the sound fairly aggressive. But it still gets the problem with complicated tracks – instrumental separation is not that good.

KZ E10 – 1DD + 4BA hybrid

True wireless IEMs with loop that go over the ear

The ear hooks are not particular a part of IEMs but KZ E10 have it. This keeps the earpiece from falling out if you do light exercise.

KZ E10 resolves the cons of KZ S2 for complicated tracks where a lot of instrumental sound mixed in. I think they are built with more BA drivers and the sound signature is configured taking advantage of this – As result, the KZ E10 has neutral sound, upper-mid is pressed and not big bass or treble boost.

Sabbat E12 Ultra – ø10mm DD

The E12 Ultra is the latest pair of true wireless IEMs I’ve tested. It sounds better than E10 for the sound stage, bass, transparency and spacious sound.

The bass is massive and deep (though it isn’t the most full bodied bass yet) and while the treble is prominent together with a lift in upper-mid sometimes make the sound quite harsh to listen to.

True wireless IEMs’ appearance can be found in mordern true wireless earbuds like TRUENGINE3SE.

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