True Wireless Earbuds Frequently Asked Questions

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Can true earbuds survive the washing machine?

If you are lucky. Mine totally broke

What’s the best true wireless earbuds?

It depends how they fit into your ears, the music genres you listen to.

What’s CVC technology used in true wireless earbuds?

The technology filters out the backbround noise and enhance the voice the earbuds want to capture when you make calls. It is integrated to deliverd the best possible call performance for earbuds.

How true wireless earbuds work?

Bluetooth 5.0 allows your device can connect with 2 earbuds simultaneously.

Why I change the eartips, the bass degrades?

It happens when we use smaller eartips.

When my earbuds’ battery no longer holds charges?

The quality and capacity of battery will decide, but as nature of Lithium ion battery, it starts to degrade after 2 years of use. So don’t expect them last forever.

Why true wireless earbuds’ sound don’t match wired earbuds’ performance for sound quality?

That’s because Bluetooth audio, it’s compressed and uncompressed, that’s process will lose some data.

Does TWS’s active noise cancelling feature really work?

Airpods Pro proves it works

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