True Wireless Earbuds Are Not Recycled – And Their Battery Is To Blame

I started using my first pair of TWS since 2015 I had to replace it a couple of times.

TWS without any cable is great – they isolate ambient noise, are comfortable, perfect for working out, not to mentioning they are my headphones for online courses and listening my favorite podcasts while I’m on a go, or they just blast some good music before I’m going to bed.

None of my pair breaks, but after a year of use their battery started to degrade – they lose their ability to hold charge. It’s nature of Lithium battery.

But after two years I was thinking how I can replaced their dead battery. Actually they ended up in a landfill. Because the battery is glued so badly in the Bluetooth module that it’s hard to remove and it is nearly impossible to find exact battery model sold online to order.

Apple alone may ship more than 100m units of TWS in 2020 according Counterpoint Research.

So why earbuds makers choose to pick rechargeable for their products – because of the size and the button cell battery is increasingly popular for high-end earbuds like Airpods Pro.

My ears are in average size, but someone have smaller and they prefer something smaller.

It turns out battery occupied a lot of room in earbuds.

How to maximize TWS’s battery life

It depends on a lot of factors for true wireless earbuds’ battery lifespan. In other words, the number of cycles that the battery charge and discharge, as overtime the discharge capacity reduces.

How often you use them, how frequently you recharge, the temperature they are exposed to, the volume level, do you take calls or activate their additional functions such as ANC, voice active. These can be deemed to how many circle they battery can do (often they can get 500 cycle life).

This is not what wired headphones’ concern – the environment impact.

We have to trash our favorite TWS because of their battery after two years.

The cost and the profit to recycle these tine battery may not be worth it.

Here are a few things you could do to preserve earbuds’ battery life as much as possible:

  • Don’t expose your earbuds to extensive heat
  • Turn it off when you are not using them.
  • Unplug when they get fully charged – check the spec see how many hours they get enough juice and don’t leave earbuds charging indefinitely like overnight of alike.
  • Choose earbuds with long battery life – that’s related to ultra-low power Bluetooth chipset or battery capacity. Some earbuds come with replaceable battery packs that’s great like SYLLABLE D9X TWS

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