Top 5 Over Ear Headphones under 50

Since the headphone market has expanded with plenty of new brands and models, now it is tough to pick the right pair matched to your needs. However specifically for under $50, there are some cans that sound really good for the money and top the competition. Here, we rank and rate the best over ear headphones under 50 (type: close-back) you can buy in 2015. Remember, it is not just the sound quality, think of how they look on your head, look good?  You will see a bunch of styles and features, but most importantly they should fit right on your head, note that paddings and headband design may affect to the comfort. Some models have extra features like Bluetooth, mic for calls and volume controls. Due to the variety of phones-iOS or Android, those features may not be compatible with your phones.

Best Over Ear Headphones under 50, type: Close-Back

 Close Back Headphones, The Monoprice 8323 WoF_photo_Monoprice_8323 When it comes to sub $50 headphones of Monoprice, you seem to get more than what you pay for. One of which is sound quality that over all ranges: lows, mids and highs is generally nice and sweet even for critical listeners. One downside is that the sturdy plastic headband is not fully padded on the side that “touches” to your head, so you may feel uncomfortable, and its in-line remote and mic are not compatible with iPhones. The Monorpice 8323 provides pretty good noise isolation if you intend to use it anywhere outdoor, on train or bus. Plus, the cable is long and detachable and don’t worry this guy can be folded up to save space in your backpack.

Sennheiser HD202 II

Sennheiser Over ear headphones 50

Sennheiser HD202 II with replaceable earpads

The Sennheiser HD202 is more comfortable than Mono price but lacks of integrated mic and inline control. As marketed for DJ, it can’t be folded up for travelling. Sonically it is deemed to balance sound profile–generally great for use at home, movies or music. 

Incipio f38 Over Ear Headphones-Retro StyleRetro style over ear headphones The Incipio F38 has solid sound and offers good fit with headband fully padded by perforated leather. The Retro Style doesn’t allow you to fold it up, it also has the same cons as other like no mic or volume control. For any kind of music you  pump into, it tunes moderate amound of bass and good detail over all ranges. Mid-ranges seems not very well balanced. Incipio F38 doesn’t sound smooth as Mono Price. The earpads may heat up if you wear for long listening sessions. 
Bluedio T2S (Turbine 2 Shooting Brake) Wireless Over Ear HeadphonesOver ear wireless headphones If you value convenience over sound quality (those who hate the cable around body), the Bluedia T2S is way to go. It can wirelessly stream music from your device up to 40 hours with internal battery. In case the battery is low, there is a detachable cable, just plug in and keep going with music. While treble is crisp and clear, there is a push on bass but not really powerful. Mid range sound leans on warm sounding. It’s easy to rotate earcups to fit or fold up. However, some users still struggle to keep this headphones stable in their heads. Read Full Review
Panasonic RP-HTX7 Best Panasonic headphones under 50, over the ear style The last cans I would recommend are Panasonic RP-HTX7, another retro-style headphones. The design is somewhat like Incipio f38, but it offers more detail and more open sound stage. RP-HTX7, a balanced sound headphones is pleasant to listen to with fairly good bass–Note that it is average of things, not for bass head. It is common in this class that when I play some Electronics, I found treble is quite harsh and cruchy, however, for music doesn’t mess up with a lot of tones, RP-HTX7 sounds impressive. It also looks good and is available for 8 different colors. 

If you looking for over ear headphones that sound decent but won’t break the bank, these cans are really worth it. These entry-level headphones produce an amazing sound for the price, though they are not for bass head who need more bass in their music. 

More About Over Ear Headphones

Compared to earbuds, over ear headphones have an advantage of offering lager sound stage that brings about a more amount of bass and loudness level.

Literally, full size headphones refers to Circuaural headphones; closed-back headphones; earcup headphones; over-the-ear headphones; over ear headphones (CNET). This kind of headphones fully enclose your ears and it’s not very convenient to carry around. If you wear those full size earbuds in the hot weather, the chance you ears will sweat is most likely. People on the go who seek for portability, rather go for Earbuds.

Close-back headphones technically mean the outer part of the ear cups have a hard enclosure-plastic or metal. This shield shell isolate sound from ambient noise. For under 50 you have no choice for over ear headphones with open-back.

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Publised on 06/06/2015

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