Tiso i4 Bluetooth 5.0 True Wireless Earbuds

Tiso i4 – smallest earbuds for cheap price.

Everyday I randomly pick a pair of earbuds to feature on my site.

Earin once claimed their products is the smallest earbuds on the market and it doesn’t matter now.

Consumers are craving for a product that works

Earin failed in many categories such as connectivity and battery life.

Tiso i4 Bluetooth 5.0 managed to disrupt things for the price

Here are the highlights

Each earbud weighs only 3.5g, a bit lighter than Airpods which is 4.0 grams.

The Tiso i4 features eartips for fitting – noise isolation

The Bluetooth 5.0 enables 2 earbuds are synced with your phone simultaneously.

Well the battery is pretty good too, it varies from 4 to 6 hours depending on the device it connects to. If your phones support Bluetooth 5.0 then the battery is 6 hours, otherwise it’s just 4 hours. The charging case (I like it) can store 6 times of battery life for the pair.

I won’t go details about frequency range and sensitivity – since they don’t make senses for the sound quality. But as true wireless earbuds they are built in dynamic driver – 6 mm.

Because of small size, the earbuds are comfortable and fit snugly. They are sweat-proof (with 5 IPX rating)too that mean you can use it for working out.

No lid covers the charging case so I don’t know if the earbuds will fall out of the case if you stuff it in your pan pockets or anywhere.

While China and US trade is escalating to the highest level. True wireless earbuds will become more expensive. This is a good time to purchase yours.

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