Three Hearing Aid Earbuds

As simple as it may sound and seem, purchasing the perfect pair of earbuds earphones is far from being an easy task, especially when it comes to people who experience issues with their hearing.

  • Earbuds are great for listening music
  • A few of them can fortify the hearing

This is especially considering just how expensive some of the hearing assisting earbuds and headphones can be. To help you make the best decision in this regard and ensure that your investment pays off with long lasting and effective functionality, here are some of earbuds with hearing aid feature currently available in the market.

Nuheara IQbuds Max

Nuheara IQbuds MAX packs a lot of things That True Wireless Earbuds Couldn’t Do.

Nuhaeara is an Austalian audio device manufacturing company that has a history of producing high quality hearing products that often set the standard.

The IQbuds Max, in particular, are some of the true wireless earbuds plus hearing aids you can currently get from the market. They have been working on and releasing a host of earbuds especially designed for those with impaired or weakened hearing (mild to moderate hearing loss), allowing them to indulge in the wonders of loud and clear sounding headphones.

The IQbuds Max, introduced during CEES 2019, are probably their best effort yet, touted to be even better than the IQbuds BOOST earbuds that were released last year.

Compared to BOOST, IQbuds Max are said to have five times the processing power. It uses three microphones that analyze and process the sound inside and outside the ear, allowing you to hear audio as clearly and loudly as possible.

They feature very effective noise cancellation and tailors the incoming sound to make it seem as natural and smooth as possible. Another great thing about Nuheara’s IQbuds Max earbuds is that you never have to worry about keeping track of the batteries for your aid. The earbuds come with a convenient charging case. The earbuds themselves are energy efficient and have a good battery life, allowing you to do 5 hours of Bluetooth audio streaming and up to 8 hours of general hearing processing.

Bose Hearphones

Bose QC30 – Neckband Noise Cancelling Bluetooth headphones get a new code name, the Bose Hearphones – conversation enhancing headphones

Bose has long since been involved in embarking on ventures and introducing products especially designed for those with hearing impairments.

The Bose Hearphones are a great option for anyone looking for earbuds that can assist them with their hearing, or even to simply help them listen to music.

The Active Noise Reduction feature of the Hearphones amplifies the volume of regular conversations and enhances them to make for natural sounding and comprehensible audio in day to day settings thanks to Acoustic Noise Cancelling technology. With two directional microphones placed in each earbud, you can zone in on the voices you want to hear and tune out the rest.

The headset itself is super comfortable to wear and can be used for long periods of time owing to its lightweight and contoured design that is shaped and molded to fit the head. The headset comes with a five button remote and can also be paired with the Bose Hear app on your smartphone to help you further customize the controls. It can be used to up to 10 hours on a full charge.

EarsOpen Bone Conduction Earphones

It’s not a regular way of hearing the sound on the air – No in ear insertion

The EarsOpen as its name opens your ears to the world with bone conduction technology and sound enhancement.

While sometimes, you want nothing more than to be able to tune out the entire world and the noise that comes with it, it isn’t the best thing to do, realistically speaking.

With the EarsOpen Bone Conduction Earphones, you can keep on listening to your music while also keeping an ear out for your surroundings. The bone conduction earphones reduce unnecessary vibration and allow you to remain in touch with and responsive to the environment, proving to be especially useful in settings where you need to be alert of what is going on around you, such as when biking or running on the streets.

The earbuds attach to your ears with soft clips to secure them into place while the neckband is soft and comfortable on the neck. You can opt from wired and wireless options depending on your preference, or even go for assistive earphones that have been designed for the hearing impaired in particular. The Bluetooth enabled earphones (neckband form factor) make all of your activities safer, comfortable, and convenient without ever appearing out of place.

Disclaimer: I’m not providing any medial advices in this post that merly serves as a source of information.

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