The New Powerbeats Are Sort Of Powerbeats Pro With A wire Dangling Down

Powerbeats Pro are true wireless sports earbuds, and Apple just released the wired model of it, called Powerbeats.

Though the claimed having the sounding profile as Powerbeats Pro, I think the new Powerbeats has a bit better sound quality.

New PowerBeats look a lot like PowerBeats Pro but with a cable attached to it.

The battery life is longer too.

Apple charges $149 for Powerbeats Pro which is much cheaper than Pro version.


  • Sound quality is somewhat better than Powerbeats Pro
  • 15 hours of juice
  • Same design as Powerbeats Pro which increase comfort and secure fit
  • Insanely easy to pair with iPhones


  • Lack in feature automatic ear detection that pauses music when earbuds are taken out of your ears.
  • Wire can be good or bad

The New PowerBeats isn’t a neckband headphone – the wire appears to be solid that some may call it neckband but it’s not. If you have experienced Bullets Wireless 2 – it is a lot different.


The idea behind the original Beats are still there. It still get the bold, sporty look with earbuds, curve housing and appealing color. The wire is more solid and strong than Powerbeats3.

The PowerBeats’s sweat and water resistance is rated by PX4 for vigorous exercises.


Great sound for sports earbuds – Apple did correct the sound flaws of PowerBeats lines which is too much or boomy.

The new PowerBeats has strong, plenty but tight bass.

Treble is another aspect that the new pair invested in, the reason why you will hear some tracks with bright output from high ranges.


New PowerBeats doesn’t come with a charging case, and I don’t think they need to, powered by H1 Bluetooth processor, it consumes significantly less power than PowerBeats Pro and is able to comfortably play up to 15 hours between charges.

Given the recent growth momentum of true wireless earbuds, the PowerBeats shows the potential grow for niche, wired wireless earbuds for sports market.

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