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If you search on search engine with the term “ best in ear headphones“, or many folks may prefer to call “best earbuds” you will find it interesting that the reviews of in-ear headphones are different from countries, users, brands and prices. Models come in many styles and a variety of features and some of them are prominent in certain countries, other simply not. I made a research and had the the lists of best wired/wireless in ear headphones from famous websites of gadget reviews and have put together this complete guide to help you find your new in ear headphones/earphones/earbuds . When you decide to buy ear’s new friends, this could be the reference for you to choose a pair best suites to your need. The design, sound signature, extra feature, accessories and your taste of music may affect your option. These models listed below were picked based on their audio performance to be the best for the money. 

What’s in-ear headphones that most appeared in these lists? Let’s find out.
The brands are ranked the most in these lists are Klipsch (6 times). Then the next, Bose and Shure ( 4 times)

The Best In Ear Headphones for the Budget (Wire Models)

The cheapest pair of in-ear headphones/entry-level for casual listening–very time every where


Pana125Sometimes, in the world of sound, you get more than what you pay for–sound performance. It occures to this set labeled with Pananonic-balanced sound profile for many kinds of music. RP-TCM125 is a lightweight and compact earbuds, and accessories are included eartips with different sizes. They also have a mic and on button to answer calls. Perfect for a gift or essential to bring to your gym.



A bass oriented In Ear Headphones/earbuds which retail for $19.9–a budget price tag. Make more sense for genres like R&B and Dance, the JVC HAFX1X will stir your ears up, and you feel more engaged in the music by powerful bass.

best cheap earbuds for bass


 Metallic housing in ear headphones. Countness In ear headphones for less than $30, the Brainwavz Delta has a way to stand out. Because it lacks of volume control and mic.

budget metal housing earbuds

No remote inline-control


Durable in ear headhones for sports. 

best cheap In Ear headphones of Sennheiser

Most of these budget in ear headphones are supported by single dynamic driver in earch earpiece.

Other to consider: MEElectronics Sport-Fi M6, a round-ear-design–earbuds for sports, Check out..10 best cheap earbuds to buy in 2014 for more option. If you feel bored of your earbuds included with your phones and want to improve music listening experience, these earbuds are definitely a good point to get started. 

From $50 to $100

At this range, you will get the good sound signature that passes more fidelity your audio content 


A bass head earphones offers high performance bass that is powerful and enriched. When the bass beats you can feel the earbuds vibrated, quite interesting! Mid-bass is solid and well layered and perfectly controled. It doesn’t interfer other ranges. One handy feature like Shure SE215 that the cable is detachable from earbuds. 

HiFiMan RE-400

Rated as for audiophiles: HiFiMan RE-400 purist, not for bass monsters

Best in ear headphones under 100

For sports ( running, gyming, cycling), Bose SoundTrue.


Best bass oriented earbuds

From $100 to $200

RHA T10i, metal housing earbuds. 

Etymotic hf5, the tri-fangle tips make it become the best for noise-isolating, however your ears need time to get used to the comfort.

Bowers & Wilkins C5 S2

Above $200- A Revamp For Audio Perfromance

The prices of these best in-ear headphones overall falls to the range $300-$500, which includes: $499Shure SE535, SONY’s XBA-4 they will dramatically change your sense of music

If you plan to spend over $1000 check out 5 most expenisive in ear headphones/IEMs to find out which tech was utilzed to made these IEMs very expensive. Designed for your ears and customized to the sound you like, the sophistiacated driver build give you outstanding music experience. You can even change the filters to suit the different kind of music.  

The most expensive in ear headphones is SHURE SE846 with $1000

The Best Wireless Bluetooth In Ear Headphones 

You could possibly know in ear headphones with regular bluetooth connection, or AptX supported–proved to air better sound, but it’s questionable how much it acctually can improve. Since they stream the compact sound from bluetooth devices, so compared to wired earbuds, their sound quality suffers from the loss of sound data through wireless connection. But if you weight the convenience over the sound, they are truly worth it. Aside from sound quality, they come with a variety of design, from around-neck to around ear and an array of eartips/earhooks to provide 

LG Tone Infinim (HBS900)

Around-neck design with retractable earbuds. LG Tone Infinim sounds good in this category and is more likely to suit light exercise and making calls


Best value Wireless In Ear Headphones of Sony

Sony Bluetooth In ear headphones

Sol Republic Shadow Wireless Earbuds


JayBird BlueBuds X

Beats Powerbeats2 Wireless headphones

Plantronics Backbeat FIT Wireless Headphones

(Update soon…)

The Best Noise Cancelling In Ear Headphones

Active Noise cancelling process is involved in

Bose QC 20i works great to cancel out the noise. See more best noise cancelling in ear headphones

Sony XBA-2iP and  Sony XBA-3iP incorporated with 2 drivers and 3 drivers in each earpiece respectively were reviewed and listed in the top 5 by whathifi.

1. First, take a moment to have a look at the best 5 from reviews by collecting information from internet.
The smart rating system take technical specifications of in-ear headphones and other reviews to rate the products. What they consider including the followings: IMPEDENCE, SENSITIVITY, FREQUENCY RESPONSE, though these features aren’t the important to rate the headphones.

You can find out more about these features at How to find the good earbuds,

Other reviews from Wired, Tom’s guide, Techradar, PCmag, Hometheatre reviews, Innerfidelity, Cnet, Good gear guide, Digitaltrends, Head-fi reviews and more are integrated into the rating system of Findthebest


5 best in-ear headphones rated as the best, in which categories are selected including: budget, sport and audiophile-highest scores will be on the top.
#1. NulForce NE-600MX $14.49, it’s for fun and useful for sports, a gift for kids or someone who need a cheap set. You can’t expect more from it.
#2. Shure SE535. Truly this is earbuds for audiophile.
#3. Klipsch Image X10i for Audiophile
#4. Sennheiser-IE-8
#5 JVC HAFX1X cheap earbuds with enhanced bass got 4.1 out of 5 from over 2000 reviews (AMAZON) 

There are 3 for Audiophile, JVC HAFX1X is for budget and NulForce NE-600MX is good for sport because of it’s sound quality, price and secure fit.

2. Now we continue with the reviews of in ear headphones from CNET.COM, I took a picture of 5 appeared first on the list. CNET rates the headphones based on feature, design and performance.


#Klipsch Image S4A for Android
#Klipsch Image S4i(II)
#Shure SE425
#Etymotic hf5
#Bose SEI2&SEI2i

There is no budget earbuds in the list from CNET, the price of these earbuds are over $99.99.

3. rating based on the price range. They pick up the best in ear headphones follow up the certain price range.
#Soundmagic E10 under $50
#Beyerdynamic DTX 101 iE under $100
#Beyerdynamic MMX 101 iE under $100
#Sony XBA-2iP and Klipsch Image X7i
#Shure SE425 and Sony XBA-3iP

4. PCmag, except Jlab Fit under $30, the price of the other 4 is over $149

#1 Bose QuietComfort 20i
#2 Shure SE846
#3 JLab Fit
#4 AKG K391 NC
#5 Klipsch X4i

5. Telegraph also have their own rating system
#1 Pioneer SE-CX9
#2 Denon AH-C120, $99
#3 Sennheiser IE 800
#4 Soundmagic ES20
#5 Philips Fidelio S2

6. Thewirecutter reviewed in-ear headphones under $100, They consider the sound that earbuds delivers including Bass.
#1 Beyerdynamic MMX 102iE
#2 Electronica, hip hop, and pop
#3 ME Electronics A151p
#4 Pumping the bass
#5 Grain Audio IEHP, the new earphone concept. It’s ranked for solid wood housing.

7. Ok I should include They take the features: lightweight, noise-isolating, Best buy and values for price to rate in-ear headphones. This is also a great way to rate.

Have a look at 5 best in ear headphones.
#Lightweight option Polk Audio Nue Era
#Noise silencer Bose QuietComfort 20i
#Best buy JBL by Harman J22i
#Top value Panasonic RP-TCM125

8. There is only 3 in ear headphones in the list of of 10 best headphones for all budget  from Digitaltrend

#Westone Adventure Series ADV ALPHA
#Audiofly AF78
#Bose QC20i ANC, for those of you who is very picky at sound quality, invest to other with the same price you will get the better sound than Bose.

9. Innerfadelity: Huge community for audio reviews, it’s quite complicated to get the list (update soon…)

To sum up What’s the best in ear headphones on the market? it is about the price, type(noise-cancelling, sports, waterproof, bluetooth connection, fitness tracking, volume litiming, bass head..a lot more..)

There are 37 in ear headphones from over 20 brands were reviewed, which include Sony, JVC, Shure, Bose, Klipsch, Jlab.

Shure and Sennheiser in-ear headphones are dominant for expensive price over $300 and only recommended for Audiophile.

About Sport in ear headphones: Designed for high noise isolating performance by the physical property of eartips which are made from silicon, comply… and provide more secure fit. You commonly see earhook, loops by a way to contour the ear. As that’s said, one size doesn’t fit all, so the universal fit may be an disadvantage. A simple way that you can turn your favorite earbuds into sports gears.

How these in ear headphones were measured

These in ear headphones were used to listen many kinds of music genres, include POP, ROCK, R&B, DANCE. Sound detail and bass response were examined, and  some in ear headphones for sports take the comfort and secure fit to be important points for rating.

If the music has not been made better by recorders, is the headphones neccessarily better? this question is asked many times, and if you let your new pair of EIM play the music that these headphones engineered by the way that enhance un-wanted sound, it sucks. 

Wireless in ear headphones were tested connection that wether they present hitcup, or lost connection.

see the best in ear headphones of RHAThere is a stainless steel earbuds recently launched RHA T10i, it is promising to be the best for under $200. 

I also tried to search on, but I havn’t got the list. This post will be updated.



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