TFZ X1 Balanced Armature Bluetooth 5.0 True Wireless In Ear Monitors Review

TFZ X1 are unlike any other kind of true wireless earbuds – that’s BA driver

Not often discussed or reviewed on tech sites, the The Fragrant Zither (TFZ) is well-known among audio enthusiasts and audiophiles. TFZ is one of fast-growing earphones brands in China as many companies heavily invested in R&D and build their own brand instead of resembling for other eshtablished brands.

Probably you will be recommended with Airpods, Powerbeats Pro, Jabra, SoundSport Free when searching for “best completely wireless earbuds“. Frankly these earbuds are not aka in ear monitors (IEMs) rather they are more like headphones for everyday use.

IEMs are more dedicated to those who are craving something else in the sound, not merely listening to music.

But as tech-evolved, IEMs get new features and the most ambitious is true wireless. Cutting the cord and losing fidelity sound – let’s face it – but beyond that users want to hear something realistic that’s reproduction of tracks recorded in studios.

Perhaps the TFZ X1 is the first kind of true wireless in ear monitors with Balanced Armature (BA) driver.

What’s in the box

  • TFZ X1 earbuds (available in sea blue and gray)
  • Charging case
  • Charging cable
  • A wide range of eartips

BA driver has a disadvantage that the low-end is weak but that’s overshadowed by clearity, richness and details in sound as BA is supposed to do. And the TFZ X1 is still quite good at making the bass somewhat a presence which is solid but not that deep.

The mid-range is smooth and detailed but feel a bit flat and pleasant to listen

Highs is not being nearly as bright – that’s unfortunate for BA driver earphones.

The sound of TFZ X1 overall is characterized to highresolution sound and a certain level of thickess.

Currently true wireless earphones are not supported by audio codecs such as aptX or LDAC for higher quality sound, so most of them sound so-so and hard to characterize the sound, but the TFZ X1 is on in a few able to give these type of earphones a pitch.

BA driver consumes less power – and they are small and driver unit save space for other parts such as battery, together with Bluetooth 5.0 the TFZ X1 manages to play 6 hours.

The charging case of TFZ X1 has a great build quality metallic finish, feel a bit heavy (106.6g with 2600 mAh lithium battery), but it looks great and can charge earbuds for a month – 20 times full charges.

Opening and closing the lid of the case is very interesting and sound funny when metal clips magnetically.

When you put earphones back into the case – again they clip in to the positions and stay put. Lifting them out of the case they will automatically switch on and synce to each other.

There are 2 tiny buttons for volume control on earch earpiece – that’s a good thing though they are sometimes difficult to locate and intuitively press.

On the Amazon (at the time of writing) the TFZ X1 retails for $89 (spend 10$ more you could get 1More Stylish true wireless – stronger bass). The TFZ X1 is definitely worth it – sound, battery life and design.


  • Well-crafted, durable and solid earpieces
  • Stable Bluetooth connection – no drops or cut off – just in case yours doesn’t work you should reset it.
  • IPX7 rating is good for any conditions
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Solid charging case


  • Micro-USB charing is deprecated
  • Not fit securely – so it’s not for workout

Tips: To clear TFZ X1’s memory of known devices, hold simultaneously power buttons for 10 seconds until the LED flashes purple.

A note that the TFZ X1 look similar to Mifo O5 Pro with the same specs


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