Sounding Customizable Wireless Earbuds Are Worth It?

When you get a new pair of true wireless earbuds, going through the user guide you would figure out they have a companion app (iOS, Android) to download and it has a feature that let you adjust the sound. That’s great?

Not that great as it seems

Josiah –

Working with an Android App allows me to know have a deep deep knowledge of what the OS can do for Bluetooth devices.

So when we adjust the sound curve on the companion app, does it make change from phone (audio output_) or from the earbuds themselves?.

It turns out we adjust the sound from the phone’s output other than from the earbuds. And we just increase/decrease the intense of sound in certain frequency range.

For example, the bass response is found in the range 20 to 250 Hz, Android can amplify this range – by changing the DB SPL output.

What’s your phone can’t do is enhance the clarity, sound separation, sound stage and more. These are by default configured by earbuds makers.

Actually the sound curve is configured by audio engineers when they design the sound because Bluetooth chipsets have this functionality.

Bluetooth chipsets are either pre-loaded with vendor software or installed with third-party software that manages Bluetooth and audio, with toolkits audio engineers can quickly modify not just the behavior of the Bluetooth earbuds but the sound.

It depends on a lot of other factors, one of which is the driver size and driver type and earbuds housing chamber. Other like vents, sealed or unsealed design also can change the perspective of sound. Audio engineers do the best for the sound – combined all these factors. Later it’s impossible to change this.

If you have tested cheap true wireless earbuds, their sound isn’t much varied. Because of the frequency ranges – that earbuds can handle is limited some earbuds are configured to lower frequencies or higher frequencies. Some come in the middle. The outcome is some with strong bass, or other with strong treble.

So if TWS earbuds do sound great! the sound customization just adds benefit to your music enjoyment. It couldn’t help earbuds sound better.

So when you look to buy a new pair, you will find the pair with the design and sound according your preferences – it won’t be the best for everyone.

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