SONY’s XBA-4 reviews

SONY’s XBA-4 glorious, expensive and excellent earbuds

 xba22_edited-1  SONY’s XBA-4 is one of the best sony earbuds, with the enhanced sound quality supported by 4 balanced armature drivers in each ear piece.

Sony’s success in the producing micro divers totally fit to the small size earbuds making it stand out from the ton of earbuds today. Balanced armatures, essentially a floating transducer that’s capable of greater efficiency and (theoretically) better sound, are know for stablization of sensity. This enables to make optimum sound with the well designed earbuds along with the production of high contented sounds.Here are some features that make the SONY’s XBA-4 the best SONY earbuds.

Sony’s XBA-4 the made in Japan earbuds comes with light, small and comfortable earbud tips that fit to provide ultimately noise-blocking. These simply designed earbud tips are made of silicon availabe in different sizes colors. It also is supplied with the smart holder and very nice carry case.

Sony’s XBA-4 does not have the active noise-cancelling feature. It can handle the noise from ambient sounds just by noise-isolating performance. 


Sound quality:  One of the best overall earbuds you cant find. The verdict is based on the performance of 4 drivers inside providing excellent sound surpassing all earbuds at the same price. As listening you can identify the instruments and the beat layers separated one to each other.

 SONY’s XBA-4 Sold for a discount price at $224


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