SONY SBH80 NeckBand Bluetooth Earbuds

sony sbh80 bluetooth earbuds

The SBH80 earbuds are light in weight, comfortable, and provide a very good fit for users. Ear tips are small and work effectively for noise isolation, even when you use them for cycling; it almost blocks wind noise. They are designed for sporty or active people, with the curved band resting on the back of the neck-around neck design. It incorporates a simple design for the earbud housing that gives you the feeling of a ‘high end’ set of earphones. They are also designed to be splash proof, so no worries when it comes to sweating on them.

The battery life is really good, as it can play streaming music for 6 hours straight. They can also be synced with any device that has Bluetooth connectivity. In terms of sound quality, the bass is pretty satisfying and well defined, though you can achieve better sound by using AptX codec on your device, providing a warm, clear, and smooth audio performance. The treble is also bright and well isolated.

Designed for users frequently making phone call, the SBH80’s voice call quality supported by dual microphones tops this list.

The SONY SBH80 is indeed one of the best Bluetooth earbuds for sporty individuals that can be found for under $100. We highly recommend them.


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