Sony recently released the SONY MDR XB55AP, a sort of an upgrade of the XB50AP – affordable, powerful bass earbuds 

Best Sony Bass Earbuds

The MDR XB55AP‘s housings still inherits the refined look and feel from its predecessor. The cable is flat to prevent tangling and it has an line-control for taking calls. The control features a single button to skip tracks, take calls, play/pause music. However, the button is not quite responsive and if you want to adjust the volume, you need to touch on your phone. L-Shape plug (4 poles) is durable and works with any phones (Android, iOS) to support mic.

The earbuds don’t stay put for running or working out – I tried this pair for running, I had to fixed the earbud’s position a lot of times. In most cases for casual listening the earbuds stay stable in the ear, but those with small ears I guess they are more likely to fall out (my ears are average and I used the M-size eartips)

What’s in the box

Nothing special for box packaging. SONY MDR XB55AP’s package is small with company logo and the name of product and “EXTRA BASS”. Product information and transparent plastic cover to show the earpieces. 
Unboxed I got a pair of earbuds and a few standard accessories: a carrying case, user manual, 3 pair of eartips

Sony photo box package mdr xb55ap


Though it is a new model, the design of XB55AP is indentical to the Sony XB50AP with metal plate built on the back, polishing the earbuds for a solid look. Because of the 12mm driver, you can see how the earpiece becomes bigger on the font side and they look more refined than XB50AP. The cable is flat to prevent cable tangling or knotting and I am pretty confident about this durability of this cable, which enhances durability and connectivity. Together with the L-Shaped jack it won’t break. 

With a lot of color options from black, white to army green, you can pick the right color for your outfit. This product aims to colleages students, so the color option may be an advantage.

Specs that matter

– 12mm Driver
– Frequency response: 4Hz – 24.000Hz
– Impedance: 16 Ohms
– Sensitivity: 110dB
– Weight: 8g

Sound quality

SONY MDR XB50AP is one of the most sold earbuds on Amazon with +4 stars rating. What users rated for it was the sound they like to hear from the XB50AP. And the new model just makes that sound a bit better, adding more brightness and purity. But overall sound is still dark somewhat. If you are music purists or critical listeners you will be disappointed. 

The XB55AP is a enhanced-bass headphones, best bass earbuds you can buy under $50. The sub-bass is noticable, making the sound rumbling. Because this range is well controled so the XB55AP’s sound feel less bloating, while theid-bass is solid and prominant.

Focused on bass, the mid-range is slightly less pronounced than other sets we’ve tested. The mid-range tends to be laid back and is pleasant to listen to, and it feels a bit sweet and fairly well-rounded. The treble of XB55AP is good, enough clarity and sparkles, but it doesn’t loosen.


The XB55AP slightly improves the sound and look compared to the predecessor. With the build quality and strong bass sound signature, these Sony earbuds are our most favorite earbuds under $50.


  • Impressive design
  • A bunch of color options
  • Feature mic for calls
  • Cheap price
  • Strong and plently of bass


  • Dark-sounding for some kinds of music
  • Large earpieces

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