This Sports In Ear headphone looks as big as Powerbeats 3 Wireless, Yet It Fits Better

Sony MDR XB50BS is a budget wireless in ear headphone, which sells around $50 online. It fits well and sound good particularly for heavy-bass music like electronic and Hip-hop


They are made out of plastic: flat cable, plastic housings so you feel it a little cheap.


Designed for sports, they include silicon tips and wing tips for NEVER falling out of the ear. Those tips are easily to remove and replaced


Sweat a lot. No problem. Sony claimed the IPX rating of MDR XB50BS is four. That means it can survive under normal sweat conditions.

The best part, MDR XB50BS sounds quite decent with bass quality that will satisfy strong-bass music lovers. Its also can live up your music for 8 hours.

Updated on 11/29/2016


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