Smallest True Wireless Earbuds

True wireless earbuds aren’t necessarily too small if you are not a spy. As long as my earbuds fit comfortably and securely I don’t care about its size at all. [1] Because tiny earbuds just increase the change you will lose your buds if they fall out. Large earbuds such as Bose SoundSport Free still work because they are comfort and fit securely.

And it can be a disadvantage

[2] The battery is short – most of them can last about 3 hours.

[3] The sound is thin because they have a tight space to host drivers – small dynamic driver or BA driver will make sound less attractive, thin and energetic generally.

[4] Charging is difficult – because it need to expose 2 poles charging on the charging case.

[5 ] Small buds also mean the mic is far away from your mouth if you get a phone call. They won’t work well as an headset.

[6] Bluetooth connection my drop frequently.

[7] Because earbuds are small they don’t stay put in your ears.

Rowkin or Earin once claimed their smallest true wireless earbuds, but actually how small they are? Pretty small and Apple never markets their earbuds as smallest since I think Airpods have already got already that award.

Rowkin Ascent Charge+ are small but it’s not that discreet

Nevertheless if you are still interested in smallest TWS

I would recommend Tiso i4 Bluetooth 5.0 True Wireless Earbuds their size is on a par with/even less obtrusive than Rowkin Ascent Charge+.

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