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You have gone through reviews about the earbuds, probably I’ve decided what is the best earbuds for you. Let’s take a look at some top rated earbuds, which give you a variety of choices.
How are they categorized:
Budget earbuds: This is the entry level, an audiophile probably has to pass this level first.
Noise cancelling earbuds: It is hard to evaluate the sound quality of earbuds, but if you want to cancel out the noise. They are a great choice.
Bluetooth noise cancelling earbuds: There will be no microphonics, but they need the battery and are very convenient.
Bluetooth earbuds for running: Easy to pair to your phones, comfortable and secure fit.
Wired arbuds for Sports.
Free tangle earbuds
High-end earbuds for audiophiles who values the sound quality rather than anything else.

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