Sennheiser RS 170 Review

The Seinnheiser RS 170 is a great set of wireless headphones for TV and  those audiophiles who love wandering around while getting their regular entertainment fix. This wireless headphone kind of resembles the RS 160 in terms of overall build, but is a bit more expensive though, costing about $279. Some would say they don’t even sound like wireless headphones – yes, they are that good. Let’s check out the features in detail to figure out why they are the great accessory for your favorite TV program, music video, or movies.

Sennheiser RS 170 is the great home audio headphones

Noise Isolation (Rated 9/10)

Oral earcups

Since the oval earcups with paddings form around the ear better than rounded earcups, they provide the user with a good degree of isolation from ambient noise, thus considerably reducing the amount of sound that a person sitting beside you can hear. The headphones incorporate a closed design and padded earcups that are able to lock sound in and prevent it from leaking out.

Comfort, Weight and Design (9/10)

The RS 170 is a full-size pair of headphones but they are actually quite light weight, weighing in at 216 grams (minus batteries). They have a plastic build, though the satin silver-black headphones do have a strong and sturdy feel to them. Users get to enjoy plush padded leather earcups that enhance comfort especially if you plan on wearing them for a long while. Some users may find it awkward dealing with the controls that have been placed on the right earcup.

The RS 170 has a tower transmitter base that acts as a charging base as well as a headphone stand. Users can be able to pair up to 4 headphones, though these extra headphones have to be bought separately for slightly less than 100 dollars. The base only has one 3.5mm analogue input jack, which some users may consider a drawback. Users may also not like the fact that the base/charger does not have any digital inputs.

Battery Life

Each earcup of the RS 170 has a single integrated AAA NiMH (Nickel-Metal Hydride) battery. You charge the RS 170 by hanging it on the dock station. Once fully charged, the batteries can last for up to 24 hours of playtime.


One major reason to buy the RS 170 is the working range. It simply gives you the ability to wander around your home more than other wireless headphones. Think of it like having a longer leash. Unlike the RS 160 which breaks up sound once you move into another room, the RS 170 allows you to go all the way outside your house and still be able to enjoy your entertainment. One aspect that could be a deal breaker for potential buyers is the single analogue output provided, but the manufacturer probably had the idea that you could just connect the base to the TV, and then run your games or Blu-Ray via the TV receiver.

Sound Quality

The RS 170 makes use of the proprietary transmission chip-set KLEER, which guarantees uncompressed high quality wireless audio to your headphones. With KLEER technology, you get a system that offers lossless, 16-bit, CD-quality resolution. The sound is absolutely flawless, and is not affected by distance. The only issue is that the sound may experience interference if you sit in front of a computer.

The headset comes with a base station that has in-built buttons for Surround sound and Bass Boost. The bass will give you that extra oomph in sound when watching an action movie or listening to your favorite music. The surround isn’t all that special, though it does enhance the voices of characters in a movie without affecting sound quality.

The rating system with the highest score, 10/10

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