Samsung Galaxy Earbuds for Android phones

Designed to work with Android devices. In this article, we will introduce you the Samsung Galaxy earbuds from the brand that has had a lot of patent issues with Apple. Originally packed with Samsung Galaxy S4, earbuds comes with S5 were designed for extra-comfort and slightly improved audio performance.

Many smartphone manufacturers like Apple, Amazon, LG, Sony…always ship their in ear sets with your ordered smartphones in the same package. Amazon Fire Phones gives you Premium earbuds, and Apple iPhones offers earpods. These headsets don’t sound great, but they do impress with call quality and stylish design.

The design of the smartphones and their headset have something in common. It is some sort of a combination. It’s a reason why people keep buying their phones’ headset over time. But how do they actually work? If it is your first time experience with in-ear headphones, there are small downsides about these earbuds. At least you need several days to get your ears make friend with ’em. Actually, you always can pick up other cheap earbuds that are better considering sound quality.

Samsung Galaxy Earbuds for S4

Do they copy the design concept from elsewhere? Nah It’s not from Apple

Samsung galaxy earbuds S4 and Klipsch Image

Klipsch earbud on the right

I like the sleek looks and the design of Samsung galaxy earbuds ($6.21-buy at Amazon) with the stylish curve, seemingly it looks like Klipsch X7i earbuds that are better off and more refined design (flash design and customized for iOS and Android devices, more expensive than 20 times).

This cheap headset also come with bulk plastic construction–the light material, which saves you grams to carry on your ears. The size of Samsung Galaxy earbuds is smaller than Apple earpods, but is the same as Skullcandy earbuds. Definitely they are lighter and more comfortable to wear than bulky earbuds in which there are a lot of drivers placed inside housings for superior sounding performance.

There is a little nice ring with metal coated on earbuds (you also see on the S4′ body) however, they will wear out for several months of use.

According to Samsung, they engineered 2 speakers in each earbud to produce the dynamic deep bass and High Definition in highs. The flat cable makes things become free-tangle in your pocket. The inline remote controller allows you to pick up the call, navigate the tracks and turn volume up or down. The sound quality of the call is somewhat at an average level.

Cons: It is a standard set of earbuds so you can’t expect more from it–may be the bad guy. They usually can’t last long because the wire is not durable and my recommendation is that you should buy two of them if you don’t want to switch to other brand (spare one when the first get troubled). The earbud tips is made from rubber instead of silicon and there are only a few of them. 

Samsung Galaxy Earbuds for Galaxy S5

best samsung galaxy earbuds for your android devices

The headsett of latest android phones Galaxy S5 from Samsung

The good: These earbuds are pretty good and improved along with some features of Samsung’s best Android smartphone. 

The downside is that the earbud tips are rubber not silicon, you can get the replacement earbud tips for better noise-isolation and comfort from this link.  Additionally, there is only one set of earbud tips, meaning that if your ear canal is too big or too small you will never get the perfect fit. 

What would imperess me the most is about its design.

Audio performance: Sound quality is the average on every range: middle, treble and bass. The bass generally is acceptable, listen to dance music, yeah, bass still exists and probably you will not find it too heavy and not as strong as SONY MDR XB90EX (Read review). A test verified by users revealed that the call quality from the Samsung Galaxy S5 was very positive that the sound is pretty clear and presents just faint hiss. 

Compared to Earpods from Apple, the Samsung Galaxy earbuds do the better job in term of noise – isolation. Yet, you couldn’t sort them out based on the sound quality. 

The headset is used with Samsung series but they work with other Android devices as well. If you have been looking around for a new stylish earbuds with decent sound and cheap price, just go for Samsung galaxy earbuds.

Samsung also developed some model to provide user high-end sound, it’s level in Earbuds

Pros: Samsung level in tunes a solid and balanced sound at lows and mids, but not so significantly appealing.

Cons: At high volumes sound becomes crunchy, which leads to the sound distortion.

Some additional information about Samsung earbuds

When you unbox the New Galaxy Smartphones, you will get something surprised that seats next to your new smartphone: The Samsung Galaxy earbuds. The first Samsung galaxy earbuds were introduced with the version S4.

The Samsung Galaxy earbuds are not normally reviewed, since users just wear them everyday by default until they hear the sound from other better earbuds, or when you get no sound from them, and start looking for replacements.

The Panasonic Ergo Fit as reviewed by many experts is better than earbuds are packed with smartphones or tablet. Ergo Fit is lack of remote control and inline mic as well. You can just listen music only from them, and it’s not convenient to make a phone call while wearing earbuds since you still have to place the phone near your mouth to talk to your friend. 

If you’ve already experienced high-end earbuds, you probably will leave this Samsung galaxy earbuds forerver in the box when you get the new S4.

The Samung Galaxy S5 with a lot of improvement was rated as the best android smartphones: Samsung’s Galaxy S5 accumulate all features people are keen on-Android 4.4 KitKat Operating System; such as wonderful display with 5.1 inch 1080 x 1920; super fast quad-core processor; and an brillant camera. I haven’t got the point where they rate the Samsung Galaxy earbuds – the headset supplied. 

You are expected to replace them after 1 year of use or earlier because they are not really made from high quality material, some buttons will not function properly, and the wires at the inline control are usually splitted. 

The secret behind these earbuds is that they sound fairly good and draw in user’s attention for the first time. The costs for producing them were minimized as much as possible by manufacturers. 

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