Samsung Galaxy Buds+

True wireless earbuds’ sound quality is getting better, and it comes close to the wired earbuds like $60 FiiO EX1 (the current price on Amazon) I bought back in 7 years ago) and for call quality their performance is nearly matched or even top the professional Bluetooth headsets.

Their sounds may be comparable, but the Galaxy Buds+ could last as long as wire earbuds.

Not just about the sound, TWS have the advanced features that wired earbuds never have.

Our phones in 20 years ago were just for calls, but with OS (Android, Harmony OS, iOS) they transform completely, earbud headphone will soon have their own OS and it would give us a lot of benefits though they wont’ have a big impact as phone OS.

Apple is a pioneer for smart earbuds (you can call it hearables) – ANC, transparency mode, mic’s noise reductions these techs have been around for years but Apple implemented brilliantly into their products, notably AirPods Pro.

Samsung takes on Apple with their Galaxy phones and now in the earbud market they do the same with Galaxy Buds lineup. They showed ambition with acquirement of Harman Kardon, the Galaxy Buds gets typical Harman Kardon sound signature.

Galaxy Buds+ Sound Quality

Galaxy Buds+ sound arguably better than the orginal Buds, but critics may think it’s just in bass department. I have to admit the bass is some kind of muscular body.

Sound quality, again I bought this pair to just varify what was reviewed HERE

The sound that come rich and live, more dynamic and energy than cheapie like QCY T5. (it’s unpair to compair $25 set to $150 set) but it’s an easiest way to immediatly recognize the gap between standard and premium. But when a lot pumping in may be not a good thing, I have to agree that listening Buds+ for long listening sessions may cause fatigue That intensed mid and higher note in treble largely contribute to its sound signature.

I got the black model, on the charging case the sleek Sound by AKG with SAMSUNG
Galaxy Buds+ bean-shaped charging case, I feel it solid on hand, closing the case is very smooth.

The charging case shows Buds+ are a premium product, opening it by 2 hands, picking the bud out of the case is easy.

Charging case, USB-type C charging cable, earfins and eartips
As you can see in the photo, though the Buds+ are small, they cause a bit pressure in my ears (tragus part), they are not the most comfortable buds I’ve ever worn. I would suggest using earfin with wings to improve the comfort, otherwise you’re out of luck.

Ambient sound mode with 2 levels, with medium level I could hear my keyboard typing as without the buds, but with high level, the keyboard typing sound become louder abit, it seem the mid and high-range are enhanced.

When turn ambient sound mode on I could hear my own breaths or when touching the buds it feels like the rubbing sound. The sound is not as natural as AirPods’ Pro, and the static sound is still present and I hear my co-worker talking from a distance that I’m unsure in which direction, but I still like it when I make calls I could hear my own voice.

I made a few call in my office, and I’m totally satisfied with the call quality. However I still prefer to Anker Liberty Air 2, which somewhat perform better.

The ambient sound mode requires you to download Wear app from Samsung and Galaxy Buds+ plugin.

Here it comes to touch controls, I like to touch and hold to volume up on the R and volume down on the L. The touch control is reponsive, it register all most my taps if I do it in my office, in the sweety conditions I am not how it will work – if my finger is sweaty and oily.

If you don’t like long stem AirPods or AirPods Pro and crave for the sound, the Galaxy Buds+ are definitely the choice.


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