Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Four Microphones + ø12mm Drivers

Shinning and flashy Buds Live

Other audio brands seem to run out of idea how their buds looks, either they copy of Airpods or generic looking.

Samsung just released the kidney shaped earbuds called Galaxy Buds Live with ANC feature and what is surprising they come in open design style.

The Galaxy Buds Live is equipped with Broadcom’s Chipset BCM 43015 – the Low Power Bluetooth 5 SoC, which have built-in ANC function, noise suppression tech (similar to Qualcomn CVC tech) and sensor hub.

The Galaxy Buds Live can effectively reduce ambient noise by up to 97% in low-frequency bands, but in the real work it isn’t that case.

Sound signature: Natural, a bit warm


  • Most impressive design for TWS of 2020
  • Solid battery life
  • Natural, dynamic sound


  • Comfort and Fit: 8.0
  • Bass: 7.5
  • Mid-range: 7.5
  • Treble: 8.0
  • Bluetooth stability: 8.0
  • Sport feature: 5.5
  • Call quality: 8.5
  • For gaming and watching video: 7.5
  • Sound signature: Dynamic sound with a bit push in bass


  • Mild ANC performance
  • Not for small ears
  • Bluetooth connection would be better


7.5 Samsung Galaxy Buds

With bold, cool looking, the Samsung Galaxy Buds could be something different from the rest of competition. Though the ANC isn’t that good but the sound profile and fit (plus design) will that you never experience from other sets.

Package & Accessories

A pair of silicon eartips L and S size – additional accessories for more secure fit, USB-C charging cable, charging case and a pair of Buds Live.

Battery life

Our battery test: the Galaxy Buds Live can last for approximately 8 hours with ANC off. And five minutes of charging give the 1 hour of playtime for earbuds is not that impressive, we are expected some more.


If you have multiple Galaxy’s wearable devices pairing switching back and forth between these devices is pretty simple, for other Android phone you have to switching pairing manually. 

Comfort & Fit

These little accessories can provide more secure fit for Buds Live

The Gaglaxy Buds Live sit quite comfortable if you have medium size ears, it’s not lightest buds weighed 5.6 grams, when wearing I still feel it, not snug but secure enough for daily activities not related to heavy workout.

Because of the design and fit it’s not easy that you can grab the bud and take it out of your ears. But a trick here you can press the bud either top or bottom and use your finger to pluck it out.

Call performance

I think Samsung invested heavily in the call performance for Buds Live, we tested the call quality in noisy environment, the noise is subtracted and what I prefer is since it’s open-design when I make call the sound feel more natural that I can hear my voice while talking.

The Bone Conduction Technology

Because of open-design if you make calls in noisy environment, the chance the noise will interfere, but with the bone conduction tech implemented you will hear the caller’s voice directly the cochlea not from the driver’s vibrations pushing the air. Together with an accelerometer that will detect when your jaw is moving to trigger the noise reduction, the call quality is secure, this is only recognized if we make call outside and it’s better than other competitors. Apple reportedly also developed this tech and will integrate it in the Airpods 3.

Active Noise Cancelling

ANC effect falls behind the WH1000XM3’s and Airpods Pro’s but it’s hard to conclude because of Buds Live’s unsealed style. Samsung claims that the feature works great for low-frequency sound.

Sound Quality

Large ø12mm drivers can actually drive the bass to a higher level, though the open design is well known for losing the bass ohm and richness, but Samsung did quite well in this department.

The treble is clear and bright.

Mid-range is nice and full-bodied.

Overall the Galaxy Buds Live’s sound isn’t unique as its look.

Galaxy Buds Live’s spec

  • Bluetooth version: 5.0 (BCM 43015)
  • Driver size: 12mm dynamic driver
  • Touch control: single, double and triple, touch and hold
  • For microphones for ANC and calls
  • IPX2
  • Weight: 5.6g for each earbud; 42.2 grams for the case
  • Earbuds’ battery capacity: battery life: 8 hours (6h with ANC)
  • Wireless charging case
  • Colors: white, black, bronze

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