Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Vs. Mifo O7

On August 5, Samsung Electronics hosted its first-ever virtual Galaxy Unpacked. Alongside Galaxy Note 20 and GalaxyWatch 3 Samsung announced the Galaxy Buds Live – kidney-shaped ANC true wireless earbuds, this remarked a revamp in earbuds design since the company accquired AKG by Harman.

The Galaxy Buds Live are priced for $169.99, we compare it to lesser-known Mifo O7 to see which one has better value for the price.

Mifo O7 is pretty popular in Chinese domestic market, but it’s less popular in US and other countries.

Chinese TWS earbuds market is highly competive with a lot of domestic bands coming in, a few tried to expand their products to international target markets like OnePlus with recent released $79 OnePlus Buds in US.

Galaxy Buds Live selling point is not mainly sound quality but the the fashion aspect of headphones, ANC feature and voice assistant – well the Buds Live are stylish and flashing. But there are a plenty of pairs with comparable ANC performance and voice assistant support.

Round – winnerSamsung Galaxy Buds LiveMifo O7
Driver Configurationø12mm DD 2 BAs dual Armature Balanced version+ ø6mm DD Dynamic version
Sound qualityDynamic and punchy bass, clean mid-range and treble good bass response, pleasant to listen to, more airy and spacious soundDynamic version: more bass, balanced sound.
Balanced Armature version: still better bass definition than Galaxy Buds, richer sound.
Fit and Comfort5.6 grams4.5 grams
Sweet resistant and sport feature IPX2 ratingIPX7 rating
Control customizationTap control – Yes
Volume control – Yes
Touch control – No
Transparancy modeYesNo
Call qualityGood call qualittyClear voice calls, better
Bone conduction techYesNo
Surround Sound FeatureNoNo
GPSSmartThings Find to track down a lost earbudNo
Battery life6 hours7 hours
Bluetooth stabilityBluetooth v5.0 (BCM 43015) supports Qualcomm QCC3020 support AptX and CVC8.0
In ear detection to pause/play musicNoNo
MultipointYes – Only with Galaxy devicesYes
Quick charging5 min of charging gives 1 hour of listening timeN/A
Comparison table Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Vs. Mifo O7

How Do They Look On Your Ears

Like AirPods first release – which drew about dozens of hilarious AirPods jokes and memes. The Buds Live with unique look – kidney shape received a lot of discussion online.

Each bud weights approx 5.6 grams Samsung claim that they comtour well to any ear’s size which is comfortable.

Mifo O7 are designed for sound quality they seal in the sound with eartips, the Buds Live on the other hand have unsealed design.

Mifo O7 housing features entirely matte finish available in grey and blue, they look less appealing than Gagalxy Buds Live but feel more solid, higher quality product.

They are also lighter with of 4.5 grams and with seal-in the ear, they are definitely comfortable.

Mifo O7 and Galaxy Buds Live their designs are significantly different

Active Noise cancellation

Samsung marketed their earbuds as ANC but the open design makes this feature less effective but it still works – and it’s true that ANC is far less effective than Sony WF-1000XM3 or Bose QC Earbuds or even Airpods Pro.

To mask the ambient noise we can increase the volume, even though their noise isolation overall both physically and actively is less than Mifo O7 – which is not technically evaluated because the fit, ear size are varied.

Mic Noise Reduction Capacity

Mifo Molang O7 earbuds is equipped with 2 microphones – on of which will pick up the noise and then the earbuds emits a sound wave with the same amplitude but with inverted phase to cancel out the noise, so in noisy environment, callers still can hear my voice clearly.

Galaxy Buds Live is also engineered with an array of microphones for calls and ANC functionality. The Buds Live takes advantages of the bone conduction tech that can convert your movement of the chin while you speaking to a voice signal if it’s too noisy.

Sound Quality

Samsung acquired AKG show the company’s ambitious plan for audio market. Galaxy Buds+ one of the company’s TWS earbuds are successful along every departments – design, fit and sound.

Galaxy Buds Live is equipped with a 12mm large dynamic driver unit which push more bass than Mifo O7. Buds Live’sound is fine tuned by AKG. The current foreign media evaluation feedback is good, but the volume is high. There is high-frequency overflow under.

Mifo O7 gets 2 version – one with 2 BA drivers and the other with dynamic driver (6mm cylindrical moving iron). Both version have balanced sounding profile. The first version focuses on mid and high which are really impressive and clear vocals, while the later emphasizes the bass performance.

Battery Life

The Buds Live get 6h straight for listening music + additional 21 hours from charging case, while Mifo gets a bit longer with 7 hours + additional 28 hours from charging case

IPX rating score

Galaxy Buds Live have IPX2 rating, Mifo O7 have better IPX rating at IPX7 so they can endure your excessive workout with a lot of sweat.

Galaxy Buds Live may top the Mifo O7 with ANC and design, but Mifo O7 with close design may provide enough noise isolation needed for users. They have better IPX rating and fit more securely for sports and most importantly the Mifo O7 sound better than Galaxy Buds Live.

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