Sabbat E12 Ultra True Wireless – Is it worth the Upgrade

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This post is a part of series about true wireless in ear monitors.

Sabbat just released the E12 Ultra true wireless – but it’s not really an upgrade for the sound quality.

The Sabbat E12 Ultra also has the same look and feel as the E12 version and they have 10 color options and themes for charging case. (See E12 Ultra true wireless unboxing)

The E12 Ultra (left) and the E12 look exactly the same

Equipped with Qualcomm QCC3020 which has a lower power consumption, the Ultra has a more stable Bluetooth connection and last longer (varied from 6 to 8 hours of listening)

As always true wireless IEMs focus on sound quality not smart features (touch controls, noise cancelling and other stuffs) here we go for the sound quality.

For sound perspective – I always discriminate sealed and unsealed. And the E12 Ultra are sealed in the ear, but what surprised me is the sound feels spacious with wide soundstage.  The company claimed the E12 Ultra’s frequency response is engineered comparably to SENNHEISER IE80S.

Similar to E12, the E12 Ultra feels a plenty of bass, the sound is configured to emphasize on low-end but it’s not that crisp and this range takes over other ranges for the presentation. For me, it’s a bit heavy and I don’t really like this – more punchy and crisp would be great.

It’s fine if you are basshead, otherwise you should look for something else.

The mid-range is recessed (well this terms you could understand like if bass is strongly present, mid-range should be equally present like bass, in this case it’s not) and doesn’t get overshadowed by the bass, the clarity of this range is slightly improved compared to the E12. That’s said nothing really improved.

The E12 Ultra has the top performance at 10kHz, providing decent clarity, but the treble isn’t great, above that range the treble is subtle and it doesn’t trigger a treble lift, that makes the sound less excited (or satisfied to listen to)

The Ultra has V-shaped sounding profile – pretty like E12 model, but with a bit better for clarity and resolution (sound separation).

The E12 Ultra are good for bass enhanced music like EDMR&B, Pop. If you often listen to ballad or rock that requires the good clarity and detail in mid-range and treble the E12 Ultra won’t get the most out of these music genres.

The weird

In some occasions the L-earbud runs out of time while the R-earbud still has some juice, if you want to continue listening to music, you have to pair the R-earbuds with your phone, that will create a weird situation, when the L back on it will lose the connection with your phone and you have to reset both earbuds.


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