Sabbat E12 and Sabbat X12 Pro Reviews Budget True Wireless Earphones of 2019

Wireless earbuds may charge you more than they are worth for. And budget earbuds are hit and miss (sound, connectivity and features). If you are looking for a best value pair of wireless earbuds – consider these two pairs: Sabbat E12 and Sabbat X12 Pro.

Note that while I can user these 2 pairs for commuting, they are not my favorite sport gears due to the fit.


Product packaging of Sabbat E12 and Sabbat X12 Pro – clean, nice and bright presence.

Intended for young users they are eye-catching and available in white, black, pink, red and green.

Sabbat E12: eartips, bi-flange eartips, charging cable type-C, travel pouch, user guide

Sabbat X12 Pro: earhooks – it’s silicon jacket with earhooks, charging cable Type-C, travel pouch and user guide. I think the Pro model is more into sports. Though both are IPX5 rating.


On the other side, they are not identical

Basically the Sabbat E12 and Sabbat X12 Pro look exactly the same if worn on ears. On hand you would see the X12 Pro has silicon jacket and no eartips. The Sabbat X12 Pro earbuds are more comfortable to wear, but the E12 fit more secure.

The housings are much like in ear monitors (IEMs), which contours into the ear. They also look sturdy and solid but very professional.

If you have small ears these earbuds won’t fit.

Josiah –

The Sabbat E12 has a design principle that the earbud alignes with nozzle in oblique angle of 45 degrees which naturally fit your ear canals securely and tightly. The nozzle length is optimized so that it won’t loosen out or cause discomfort.

The Sabbat E12 don’t have a luxury, excellent finish like high-end earphones. Its skin is not perfect – just polished with plastic and probably fingerprints tend to stick very well, but that doesn’t seem to be a matter to me (Who cares if their fingerprints leave on earphones). Because of glossy finish, the E12 tends to be a bit hard to pick from the case or remove from the ear, especially if your fingers are sweaty.

Sabbat X12 Pro doesn’t look like an IEM, because they don’t feature eartips (nozzle). Sabbat learns from the design of Airpods – easy to fit, more comfortable but less secure in to the ear. They have a matte finish and I like this.


Sabbat E12 and Sabbat X12 Pro cases have the same look. While the Sabbat X12 Pro case provides 24 hours additional charge for earbuds and can’t be wirelessly charged, the Sabbat E12 gets 30 hours and its case wirelessly charged on Qi pad or any compatible devices.

I don’t know why these charging is greatly alike Airpods’ charging case, when you open the case lid (Apple perfects how to open things?). They are both small and pocket friendly. The charing port Type-C is on the side – not good looking on the case. There is a LED indicator which lightens up and displays the battery level when you charge the case.


Bluetooth 5.0 – Power Efficiency and Solid Bluetooth Connection

Both Sabbat X12 Pro and Sabbat E12 have Bluetooth chip supporting Bluetooth 5.0 (if your phones support). The latency exists that you would notice while playing games or watching video, but Sabbat X12 Pro has lower latency.

Quick connect

Once you pair Sabbat X12 Pro or Sabbat E12 with your phones, they will automatically connect next time use (Bluetooth ON and earbuds will switch on when you pop it out of the case).

Both models are designed to be used individually for calls and listening to music. Dual mic to fiter out the noise with CVC tech ensures crystal clear voice calls, if you take call outside, no worry about the background noises. But the Sabbat X12 Pro perform better their counterparts.

A single button control – for pause/play music, skip track, answer/end calls,  turn the volume up/down. The button is responsive and easily accessible and you just press it with reasonable amount of force.

Because of Bluetooth 5.0 and high-capacity battery built-in both model have 6 hours of listening time, which is impressive.


True wireless earphones compromise advanced features over sound. At first I don’t high expectations about these earphones.

The Sabbat E12 have a better sound – since they seal in to the ear – holding bass and enrich the sound compared to Sabbat X12 Pro. The company claims the E12 has the acoustic chamber design inspired by SENNHEISER IE80S – one of the best IEMs on the market and their frequency responses are pretty similar.

The bass of Sabbat E12 is full of engery, punchy and powerful, feel extension to low and high-bass a bit (the resolution is not clear though) but it focuses on mid-bass. So for Pop, EDM, R&B other related kinds the E12 would be a good fit.

The mid-range and treble of E12 is pleasant to listen to, not particularly clear or bright.

The Sabbat X12 Pro brings you to another perspective of sound – it’s airy and open and has a room for mid-range and treble to show for details and clarity.

The X12’s sounding profile is interesting – it’s a lot like Airpods’. It can be explained.

The main air chamber that houses driver has the same look as Airpods, another chamber is for Bluetooth module and battery. The X12’s sound focuses on the mid and the treble.

The X12 Pro lacks in bass due to unsealed design and I don’t feel the impact at all though it’s present.


Sabbat E12 and Sabbat X12 Pro are the newest pairs of true wireless earphones which is cheap, easy to use and packed with a lot of features.

With colorful color and design, they are stylish and definitely spice up your outfit.

The sound of these models isn’t without flaws, but it’s good for the price, if you like dynamic sound, powerful bass pick E12, for calls and other music genres not requiring a lot of bass – pick the X12 Pro.

Sabbat E12 Sabbat X12 Pro
Bluetooth version 5.0 5.0
Charging voltage DC/5V DC/5V
Battery capacity (mAh) 3.7V/60mAh 3.7V/60mAh
Case 3.7V/750mAh – wireless charging 3.7V/750mAh
Battery life 6 hours 6 hours
Charging time 1 hour 1 hours
Sensitivity 120士5dB 120士5dB
Impedance 32 Ω 32 Ω
Frequency range 20-20000Hz 20-20000Hz
Noise isolation Sealed with eartips Unsealed


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