Best Running True Wireless Earbuds

We can pick completely wireless earbuds by sounding profile (sound signature such as bass-enhanced, natural sound, treble emphasis), size and sport features – sweat-resistance and earhooks often called secure fit, or advanced feature like ANC.

However for running audio makers come up with a lot of ideas how earbuds will fit into your ears – earhooks, earfin, wing tips, over ear with loop, which not just keep earbuds stay put but is comfortable enough to wear for hours.

  • Most earbuds are associated with footstep syndrome (occlusion effect) that you hear your footsteps, breathes and other body-generated sounds when wearing earbuds, the better they seal the more you hear these sound. This effect are normally masked with music, but at lower volume level you still notice the effect.
  • Unsealed earbuds like Bose Sport Earbuds have less footstep syndrome
  • Higher IPX rating are better, but the durable design is also important for running TWS earbuds.
  • Running earbuds have bold design and big sound usually with bass enhanced.

I have rounded up a few pairs for runners (PowerBeats Pro – my favorite with excellent bass response, Bose SoundSport Free are among the top choices and but there is a huge difference in fitting mechanism and noise-isolation between them) including cheap models and I have to admit Airpods or Airpods Pro seem not be suited for running.

PowerBeats Pro vs Bose SoundSport Free – How they fit into the athletes’ ears

The higher IPX rating is, the more preferred since you can be comfortable with sweating and moderate rain without worrying breaking them.

Fitness tracking is not a must feature and sound quality is something that these gears would improve.

Bose Sport Earbuds

Bose Sport Earbuds appears to have lighter body than Bose SoundSport Free and it has StayHear Max eartips

Smaller and lighter, better fit with Bose’s new StayHear Max eartips and better sound, Bose’s latest sports earbuds are IPX4 rating, Bluetooth 5.1. Their battery is rated at 5 hours between charges, decent call quality, but Bose Sport Earbuds have superior sound compared to most sports earbuds.

  • 5 hours off battery life
  • Bluetooth 5.1
  • Sports earhooks
  • IPX4
  • SBC
  • AAC
  • Check Price Check Price

    Plantronics BackBeat FIT 3100

    With 5 hours of playback, rugged design the Fit 3100 provides everything you need for your running sessions.

    Plantronics is a well-known brand for sport enthusiasts/dedicated runners. Their behind the head headsets – Plantronics BackBeat FIT series are among the top audio gears for runners on Amazon. As TWS became mainstream Plantronics released their first outdoor sports TWS Plantronics BackBeat FIT 3100.


    • Excellent secure fit


    • Un-sealed design, marketed as safety feature for outdoor runners.
    • Average sound quality if compared to top sounding true wireless
  • 5 hours off battery life
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Earhooks
  • IPX57
  • Touch control
  • SBC
  • JBL Endurance Peak

    It hooks over your ears

    As its name indicates the JBL Endurance Peak earbuds have a robust build quality and design.


    • Comfortable to wear
    • Outdoor running
    • Fine to use with your sunglasses
    • Solid battery life

    If you like bigger bass go for Soundcore Spirit X2 with the same design concept- it boards the IPX68, 8 hours of battery and rugged over ear design.

    Axloie Sports Wireless Earbuds

    If you are looking for a pair of earbuds just for your running – give this a try, it’s small and lightweight, having dynamic sound, 5 hours of playback and IPX7 rating is enough for sports earbuds.

    Powerbeats pro knockoffs

    You can easily spot Powerbeats pro knockoffs (left) on Amazon

    Modify the Powerbeats Pro, though the sounding profile is not the same but you get the same look, feel and fit except the button layout and hardware (I think they use Qualcomm processor) I would recommend the Axloie with 6 hours of battery life, powerful bass and a little bit push in treble.

    Just in case you get a call, the call quality is quite good.

    Single multi-functional button allow you to trigger the Google voice assistant or Siri press 3 times, press and hold to either L/R to decrease/increase the volume.

    Treblab X5

    The Treblab X5 shows that running buds can be exotic, actually you can find X5 a bit similar to Airpods, Soundcore Life P2 or SYLLABLE D9X with a long stem. But the X5 look more sporty with wing tips, which is able to keep earbuds stable in the ear during rigorous workout.

    The noise isolation is great that seals the bass to beat, overal bass performance tends to be pronounced excitingly.

    Avoid The Pair That Is

    • Flimsy ear hooks and they don’t fit all ears
    • Poor quality control such as materials made from, poor call quality

    Six Common Problems With Running True Wireless Earbuds

    • You have to fix the connection issues by resetting earbuds – it’d be better off learning how to reset it after you unboxing.
    • Earbuds can’t hold charge
    • Some earbuds can’t stand to your sweat that’s by design I think and eventually they slip out regularly during your workout.
    • You have to push so hard the button for control
    • Earbuds can’t dock/make contact with the charging case properly, and if you get a call you couldn’t hear anything from caller.
    • The fit and feel your ears may be sore

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