Best Replacement Earbud Tips For Extra-Comfort

Your tiny, soft earbud tips (ear cushions) sometimes get lost, broken or just worn out, or you just purchased a pair of TWS that are worth more $200 and their included eartips don’t come with highest quality material. Look to buy something better?

To improve the noise-isolation and comfort, using replacement eartips that are better off having more comfortable fit and reducing sound leakage is a good thing to go for.

The aftermarket earbuds tips out there offers a lot of type and design for you to choose from, which may boost or worsen the music experience and but we’re looking for the true sound that audio designers wanted us to hear – if you they replace the eartip tips the sound curve (frequency response pattern) will also be modified.

The variety of replacement earbud tips
There are various design and material that make up earbud tips: triple flange, wing design, skull screw, foam, silicone, comply. What is the most comfortable earbuds?

Design’s explanation

Bi-flange: I ranked it as the second most intrusive eartips

Triple-Flange: the most intrusive eartips to your ears

Skull screw: It is often used as earplugs but you can DIY it to eartips for your earbuds

Wings: it keeps your earbuds more secure

Here are a few tip when you look to buy aftermarket replacement tips.

Compatibility: Most importantly when looking around to find the replacemenst is to check whether earbud tips are compatible with your earbuds.

Actually they are about the length and inner diameter (bores) of ear tips. But I rarely see this information, sellers just indicate the models of earbuds are compatible with. If you have earbuds with ø5mm nozzles pick eartips with ø4mm bores, often the bore diameter is 1mm less than the nozzle’s

Before going into the compatibility matter, you would look for the material. Foam, Comply, rubber and pure silicone material are all comfortable. The lowest quality is rubber.

A material for eartips has advantages over another. Silicone tips, as far I’ve known, they can last for years, seem to be durable than foam and Comply. If possible you try all of them to know exactly the size and the material that is best suited.

Earbud tips made from foam, which is reported by many users about the super comfort. Here’s are our recommendations


Most expensive options for your earbuds

These are made from TPE (ThermoPlastic Elastomer) which has 3 important physical properties, a bit sticky, softer and when applied temperature the wearing experience is even more relaxed.

These eartips has regular bore size that fit almost earbuds’ nozzle, feel soft and sticky. They preserve the bass and midrange, enhance a bit vocals because of exceptional noise isolation.

Comply T-Series Isolation Earphone Tips

The comply brand seriously take the comfort and noise-isolating of wearing earbuds into consideration when designing their products.
What you would get in exchange $13.95 ?

Super soft earbud tips


  • Comfort: Super soft earbud tips (softer than most silicone earbuds)
  • Deliver maximum noise-isolating functions.
  • Tightly stick to your ears: staying in place with comfort.
  • Don’t worry, as your sweat or dust will not be absorbed.


  • You may expect some of these:
  • Durability: the color of ear tips will be faded and turned darker, wear out over time, less durable than silicone.
  • The noise-isolating is not good as expected.
  • The Comply is not washable (thanks Jimmy’s comment)
  • Expensive and not durable as silicone tips (You can purchase a standard earbuds with the same money)

Silicone earbud tips

Sony Replacement Earbud Tips

(compatibility: MDR-EX33LP, MDR-EX34SC, MDR-EX35B, MDR-EX36V, MDR-EX56LP, MDR-EX76, MDR-EX300, MDR-EX500LP, MDR-EX700LP, MDR-XB20EX, MDR-XB40EX, DR-BT160AS, DR-BT160iK, DR-BT100CX )

Sony EPEX10A/BLK Hybrid Replacement Earbud Tips


  • There are 4 pairs from smallest, you will find the ones giving perfect fit and great comfort to your ears, so the sound quality is improved.
  • Earbud tips deliver a very good seal from ambient noise.
  • It is even suitable for those who have sensitive ears


  • It may not be as comfortable as foam earbud tips.

Custom Ear Tips


As we all know, people’s ears are like fingerprints.

Universal fit earbuds won’t give the perfect fit to your ear, but Blue Custom Molded eartips were exactly made for your ears and you will make it yourself. Melt them out at high temperature. Let them cool down for a while, you can transform them into any shape you like. Then they become flexible earbud tips like silicon.

Blue Custom Molded Earbuds Adapters BZ200 offers the solution for “perfect fitting” matter.

The custom earbud tips will be made by yourself easily at home within 6 minutes. They come with variety of color such as red, green, blue, black and more. Be sure they are compatible with your in-ear headphones. Check out how it works in my post about “How to turn your earbuds in to sport gears“.

This option is currenly not available.

If you can’t not do it by yourself and you own an expensive pair of earbuds, custom eartips are just great.

First you have to go the office where they offer the service for custom eartips. They will scan your ears, make a mold by 3D-printer and inject silicone. Finally you get a custom silicone eartips. It costs about $20 for a pair of tips.

Bluecell Replacement Earbud Tips

earbud replacement tips
Always check the inner diameter and length of earbud tips to know whether your earbuds are compatible with the tips

The Bluecell works with most earbuds on the market.

Note that the design of Bluecell is quite unsual, I wouldn’t say’em strange. This soft memory foam will maximize the noise-isolating performance, and better fitting means to improve the music listening experience. The bluecell tips are also reasonably comfortable.

Bose Replacement Earbud Tips

Bose IE2 replacement earbud tips
The wing design of bose earbud tips provides more secure fit.

Unfortunately, they can only work with bose IE2. Bose StayHear comes with 3 sizes: L, M, S. With the “wing” design, they stay well in position contour to the ear structure. Finally, the most beneficial thing you could get is Bose StayHear solved problems – earbud dropping out while exercising.

Comply Tsx-100 Comfort

Best comply earplacement earbuds tips
Most comfortable earbuds probably come with Comply ear tips

The Comply TSX-100 is , really, really soft. They offer the gentle seal, and music experience is significantly improved due to the extremely good noise-isolating from the material and ergonomic design. It has been the most comfortable earbud tips so far. The downside is that Comply TSX 100 fairly expensive.

Personally, the Blue Custom Molded Earbuds Adapters BZ200 attract me the most since they give the best experience of perfect fit.
If you’ve already had earplugs, why not to DIY soft eartips following this instruction

Eartips for Airpods (2018 model) why not?

If you want your Airpods fit a bit better – but it doesn’t change the sound and provide a protection for airpods if it fall out of your ears try these silicone tips.

Even more secure?

Here is wing tips for Airpods

Other than Apple Airpods if you have a pair of true wireless earbuds – Try High-Grade Silicone Eatips which is more comfortable, better fit and more durable.

How to choose the best replacement earbud tips?

The best one would provide the designated sound of earbuds.

Compatibility: This is the most important one before you go further to other selections.

Size: Pick up the correct earbud tips. Certainly, you will get a perfect seal from them, in turn, long term comfort and better sound quality are obtained. If you wear earbud tips that are larger, they will cause discomfort and fall out more often. On the other hand, the smaller ear tips leads to less bass than usual since the sound leakage and weak noise-reduction function. As you know, for the first time inserting the alient object (earbud tips) takes time to get used

Comfort: You probably read a lot about “ergomonic design” but what exactly it is? And what will really make you feel comfortable while wearing earbuds?

There are number of factors can affect the comfort, which includes: design, softness, deep or shallow insertion, weight of earbuds and material. The most comfortable earbuds are determined by these factors. We will discuss one by one.

Most replacement earbud tips I recommend in my post give shallow insertion-less invasive, except 3M Peltor Skull Screw Replacement earbud tips. It will be inserted deeper into ear canal, providing better noise-insolating but less comfortable than other. Bose StayHear, on the other hand, is worn the least shallow into ear cannal, so Bose earbuds is deemed to be more comfortable. Though this type of ear tips are not very good at noise isolating. Bose QC 20 is the most comfortable ACN earbuds on the market.

The ear tips, parts of your earbuds are most likely to damage and get dirty, so you should keep them clean to prevent ear infection.

There are 3 or 5 pairs of earbuds tips you get together with your earbuds. Only one pair of them is optimized to fit to your ears. That means they can give the best noise-isolation and stick pretty well to your ears, so you can get better sound as well bass response. You also don’t have to turn music too loud for more excitement, which potentially impair hearing.

It is irritating if just one eartip either L or R is lost, and it’s fun to listen to music from earbuds that are sealed with different eartips or just one bud. There will be a lot of interesting earbud tips for replacements.

Sometimes, you put you earbuds in your pocket, bag or while you hanging around you neck, the ear tips may be separated from earbuds, drop somewhere and the chance increases that you may lose them. How often do you look for replacement earbud tips and which one do you prefer? Leave a comment below.

About author, working as a sales man enables me have time to write something interesting about earbuds.


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