Realtek Bluetooth Chipset Reportedly Spotted In More Than Thirty True Wireless Earbuds

Realtek’s crab logo

I’m a long time reader of, what I’m really interested in their content is the teardown TWS that shows almost electronic components and how Bluetooth modules are built. However, their site is dedicated to hardware and tech rather than audio review.

They do the most teardowns of TWS earbuds on the market from long-history audio brands to emerging brands (Chinese brands or Kickstarter Products)

Recently they posted an article that rounded up all earbuds that use Realtek Bluetooth chipset, I once founded an audio brand and my very first TWS also have Realtek Bluetooth processor inside.

Most popular Realtek’s Bluetooth chipset with SoC are RTL8763BF and RTL8763BO which has been the core processor for Amazon TWS, JLab, JVC, and Toshiba.

Founded in 1987, now Realtek offers solutions for many industries, their Bluetooth chipsets have been used in Bluetooth headphones and headsets, Bluetooth IoT devices, wearables, Bluetooht speakers, etc,.

You might have known their crab logo since the day you fixed your audio sound card by downloading the Realtek drivers for your computer.

Ever figured out what the logo means? I think, it’s all about consistently initerative development yep kind of.

Realtek’s true wireless Bluetooth chipset RTL8763BF series has become widely popular, spotted in TWS from Amazon, Anker, FIIL, JLab, Xiaomi, Taotronics, Redmi and other brands.

Realtek’s second RTL8763BO series that supports ANC is reportedly used in Echo Buds and extended to smart glasses and Bluetooth speakers.

Since an increasing number of consumers that prefer ANC, Realtek released their next Bluetooth chipset the RTL8773 series, of which the RTL8773B supports Hybrid ANC and RTL8773C supports instant voice wake up. Both are Bluetooth 5.05, AI, HD-audio and low power consumption.


RTL8763BFR‘s features: Bluetooth 5.0, both sides work for calls, built-in 8MB Flash memory, mic noise reduction tech, transparency mode

Most TWS with Realtek chipset are relatively cheap.

Anker Soundcore Liberty Air: long stem, AirPods look alike earbuds, solid call quality, touch control. Retail price: $69

Anker Soundcore Liberty Air with eartips for better noise isolation – these earbuds are really good for calls

Astrotec S80 – generic look earbuds, touch control, enhanced bass sound. Retail price: $69

Baseus Encok W01 – nothing special about this pair, long nozzles and bi-flange eartips may help for better noise isolation, earbuds are small too.

FIIL T1X TWS – Sporty look with ear hooks, bean-shaped housings but not that curve like Galaxy Buds Live, natural and balanced sound, Retail price: $49

Credit photo: cunman

Funcl W1 Bluetooth Earbuds 5.0 Mini Wireless: not unique in design and sound, bad sound configuration, distorted at high volume level. They fit comfortable. Retail price: less than 40 bucks

Funcl W1

iQIYI i-FREE: A Chines brand tries to replicate AirPods, quite good build quality, good call quality.

I don’t think they sell i-free on the international market

QCY T1 Youth Edition Again this pair is impressive, just general look but functional

QCY T1S other than wireless charging case I don’t find anything innovate with this pair.

Rapoo XS200: touch control, likable design at least they get a vocabulary of design tone.

Rapoo XS200

Reecho WH-189: Only available in China, look a bit like Baseus Encok W01 but more refine design.

Redmi AirDots – pretty basic – build quality, sound and control. They are cheap but worth it. The latency still exists while watching TV or video streaming Netflix. I say “basic” or standard meaning it’s acceptable but the sound is decent for music listening with their flat response.

Redmi AirDots S – these are the upgrade version of Redmi AirDots for better connection (both earbuds connects to your phones and either can be the primary earbuds) and they have gaming mode/low latency. Other features are the same as predecessor

Sabbat X12 Pro True Wireless – hybrid of IEM and AirPods you wear things like AirPods against your ear concha but on the other side it looks like IEMs. So I think the X12 try to mimic Apple AirPods sound.

Sabbat X12 Pro

TAOTRONICS TT-BH082 – Another earbuds with long stem


TOSHIBA True wireless – Lmao, I’m familiar with this look

The design concept is not new


Jlab Go Air is built with entry-tier Bluetooth chipset RTL8763BFJ. Retailed for $29.9, these earbuds support Bluetooth 5.0, IPX4 rating. For sound quality, broadly the Jlab Go Air have strong, enhanced bass sound, other ranges are just standard – you could easily notice the similar tune from other earbuds in this price range.


Amazon Echo Buds are the fist TWS using RTL8763BOA that supports ACN


Bluetooth processor is the core of Bluetooth modules, aside from built-in functionalities they will define the sound quality since it provides the algorithm to resolve the Bluetooth audio and DSP (Digital signal processor)

Realtek RTL8773B has Hybrid ANC that the company claims up to 40dB of noise cancellation, HD sound and ultra-low power consumption.


The latest Realtek’s RTL8773C is the most advanced, it supports ENC, ANC and more. ANC algorithm plays an important role how well the ambient noise is canceled out, Realteck has its own (ANC) algorithm but the RTL8773C also allows to integrate third-party noise reduction algorithms.

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