QuietControl 30 has been renamed to Bose Hearphones

QuietControl 30 an excellent set of ANC headphone has been renamed to Bose Hearphones, which is advertised as conversation-enhancing headphones. It lets user hear what they want to hear by filtering out the noise and enhance the human’s voices.

Here are Bose Hearphones’ specs

 Bose Hearphones
Noise cancelling performance9, NC can be adjustable on app
Comfort and fit The Bose QC30 weighs 28.4g, a bit lighter than Sony WI-1000X, the earbuds are unsealed in the ear with particualar Bose Stayhere tips. The design that lets the ambient sound come in.
Sound qualityPleasant, detailed sound, full bass response, forward mid-range that is natural and warm.
Battery life10 hours
Control   The in-line control is on the right with 3 buttons – take calls and volume control
CallsCall quality is just good, the big difference compared to Sony is the mic is on the inline.

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