Qualcomm’s Adaptive Noise Cancellation for TWS

Just a few years ago we have ANC earbuds with adjustable ANC but we have to do it manually. Now it’s automatically adjust based on how earbuds sit on your ears. That’s the latest advancement in ANC tech that Qualcomm announces today. This feature will ensure the ANC performance persistent over time.

How it works?

Earbuds loosen out of the ear over time as you move, you may get tight or loose fit that results in in-consistent sound quality. Qualcomm’s new tech will automatically adjust the noise cancellation in real time, so you don’t have to fix the earbud position to seal the sound in. This tech will works for all kind of earbuds – sealed and unsealed style.

Sound familiar? Apple has already implemented this tech into AirPods Pro, which the first mic is to listen the ambient noise and the second inward-facing mic listens remaining noise toward the ear, so both noise comes from outside and sound leaked in the ear are canceled out. Apple claimed this feature continuously adapts the sound signal 200 times per second.

Not just for listening to music, if you make calls in noise environment the Adaptive ANC effect will increase to block out the noise no matter how the bud fit into your ears.

QCC5141 Soc Bluetooth chipset with Adaptive ANC function built-in

The Adaptive ANC function is built in latest Qualcomm QCC514x with SoC, together with others like Voice Assistants, high-res audio quality, and low-power consumption. Companies are currently working with Qualcomm to build this feature into their product like Jabra, Sennheiser, 1More, Audio Technica and more, so we are expected their adaptive ANC TWS earbuds soon will be released on the market.

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