Five Quad Driver Earbuds For Audiophiles (Bluetooth Included)

I covered dual, triple driver earbuds. I impressed how the audio maker engineered as many as possible drivers in their product. And that trades off the sound quality. Their sound quality become more clear and detailed. Currently I haven’t found out which one have the largest number of drivers in each earpiece, but if you look for a pair of quad driver earbuds here are just a few great options

More drivers mean earbuds can handle a wider range of frequencies and audio engineers are able to selectively emphasize the range they like.

1MORE Quad Driver is worth the price tag

4 drivers packed in a sleek, small earpiece

With 3 BA + 1 DD the 1More Quad Driver has a lot to offer aside from its premium build quality – just another touch of luxury. And you don’t invest more than $100 for a pair of earbuds that it sound just great for certain kind of music. The 1More Quad Driver’s balanced sound with qualified bass is generally good for any kind of music you pump into.

The Bluetooth version of MORE Quad Driver was reportedly in neckband “form factor”, but I haven’t seen them on the 1More website.

Sony XBA-4

Sony XBA-4 Balanced Armature Drivers

Dated back in 2012 Sony released the quad-BA drivers that supprised me as they don’t build any dynamic driver.

It turns out the XBA-4 sound great – with strong bass, full-bodied midrange and airy highs.

KZ ZS5 (ø10mm + ø6.4mm Dynamic Drivers + 2 × B.A)

The KZ ZS5 with a combination of BA and Dynamic drivers

The cheapy pack a lot of hardware to boost the deep bass and lift the detail to a new level.

You may not like the over-ear wear and they are not as comfortable as it would but the quality of bass and impressive vocals make them stand out.

Meizu LIVE Quad-Driver (2 LF BA + 2 MHF BA) that cover the 20 Hz ~ 40 kHz frequency range.

The Meizu LIVE comes in the form of In-Ear Monitors

Balanced Armature is often known for its lacking in bass, but Meizu has already changed the course of the sound by their customized made balanced drivers with dual BA to handle the low-ends.

Three interchangeable filters let users to choose how they enjoy the sound by balanced, bright, full according to the filter’s color – black, white and blue respectively.

I personally didn’t test all these earbuds, so this post is about how different manufacturers ARRANGE drivers to earbuds.

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