QCY T5 Unboxing And Review

Without China’s supply chain we might not have had products that are surprisingly cheap but with quite good build quality.

TWS earbuds since their debut in 2014 costs several hundreds of dollar, now you can buy a good pair with just $25 bucks. Indeed there are countless model at this price range, out of them a lot I could recommend you shouldn’t try – since their sound are tiny, they come with cheap build and weak Bluetooth connection.

Gradually, some cheap TWS emerged and QCY-T5 are one of them I could recommend.

A little known about QCY they are one of companies in MiOT Ecosystem back by Xiaomi.

I knew QCY since long time ago when have have some Bluetooth earbuds that were not impressive at all – bloating bass, week sound.

QCY-T5 is currently not available on Amazon but on Aliexpress or Lazada they are plentiful.

My package just arrived this morning and here’s an unboxing.

The box package does feel cheap
Quick specs: Battery life 4-5 hours, Bluetooth profiles: HSP/HFP/A2DP/AVRCP, Bluetooth version 5.0, Model name: In1993

But since there are a lot of clones out there, you need to check whether it’s authentic. Go to https://en.qcy.com/SecurityCheck/index.html and enter my 20-digit security code, 35454884433147422386

And voila…

The charging case is pretty small and I like it but I don’t like the micro-USB charging – it come with a short charging cable. Oh there is no battery indicator on charging case, meaning I won’t know when I need to recharge the case until my buds no longer get charged.

The buds look quite basic, pure black, lightweight, two pair extra eartips included, long steam and housings make it fun to look at.

The buds are so light that I don’t feel wearing it. That’s cool! Unlike charging case, the buds have LEDs that blinks or at least turned RED when the buds are being charged.

Nifty stem, sometimes I have to fix its position for better bass performance
They sit on my table in my office

Sound notification is not very professional, higher range earbuds have better sound notification when switched on/off.

The good thing this pair has something similar to Qualcomm’s TrueWireless Mirroring technology that any bud can work as primary.

Perhaps earbuds were in warehouse for a long time, they are totally run out of juice I had to recharge them.

After 20 min struggling to switch them on, eventually they are live.

I paired T5 with my phone and blast some music (Just Give Me A Reason, This is What I Feels Like), airy and clear treble that’s my first impression. The bass is again a bit bloating it’s common for this kind, but not that loosen and but very exciting since it’s plenty. My good bass must be punchy and solid sometime adding level of sub-bass, but I don’t feel that way for T5. Note that you only get the best bass experience once the buds fit properly in your ears, otherwise, weak/bloating bass is expected.

I bought this pair to verify its sound which is reviewed HERE.

Believe it or not the mid-high are exactly the same as the review pointed out and they are placed where it should be – – not to much harshness even though I turn up the volume. Sound separation is also decent. Sound image is even measured up again my Anker Soundcore Life P2.

Well, once T4 connected with my phone I immediately got a few calls from my clients, it’s good they said my voice is clear. But since they are not equipped with mic noise reduction tech (the algorithm implemented as function Bluetooth chipset to filter out the noise such as wind noise and other human voice range) if making calls outdoor or noisy environment the mic will pick the noise interfering the call.

I like the noise isolation, with average volume while playing music, I wasn’t able hear my colleagues chatting. I changed bigger eartip from my FiiO EX1 which is a bit longer, and it fit better in the ear but not in the charging case.

With 4 to 5 hours of listening time, the T5 are not for heavy use.

The QCY T5 are about to replace any wired earbuds come pack with your phone, they are cheap, sound good and also offer good call quality in office.

More photos

Photo of QCY T5 I took at home
It’s easy to remove eartips but It’s quite hard to fit them back in earbuds, but I did and the bud look like this


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