Samsung Galaxy Buds+

2 Way Dynamic (Woofer + Tweeter)


After the excellent orginal Galaxy Buds, I’d got the Galaxy Buds+, perhaps plus means more battery life and amount of bass. But it’s quite controversial that the Buds+ is an upgrade in sound. While the bass is excellent, other ranges seem to lift up a bit, that makes the sound more exciting to listen at first, but a lot of things going all in I feel less pleasant to listen to than orginal Buds.

The transparency mode isn’t perfect yet, the wind noises come unnatural when I wear it outside (biking).

Note that the multipoint feature is only supported on Galaxy phones with Smarthings installed.

Sound signature: Bass-centric

  • Excellent sound quality
  • Great battery life
  • Enhanced upper mid and boosted treble may be unpleasant to listen for a long time

What's in the box: pairs of eartips

Build & Materials:

Comfort & Fit:

Bass (20Hz - 250Hz)

Perhaps the Buds+ are the best in its category. Buds+'s bass is well-defined and highly accurate. The almost perfect bass saves the Buds+ from not being on par with the orginal Buds.

Midrange (250Hz to 4,000Hz)

Since the upper mid is a bit enhanced the sound feels more exciting than ompared to original Buds.

Treble (4,000Hz and 20,000Hz)

The treble is vivid and highly detailed.

Samsung Galaxy Buds+'s Spec

Battery life: 11 hours

Transparency: Yes

ANC (Active Noise Cancellation): No

Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 5.0

Bluetooth chipset: BROADCOM BCM43015

Bluetooth codecs:
  • Low-complexity sub-band codec (SBC)
  • Advanced audio coding (AAC)
  • Scalable Samsung codec

Multipoint feature: Yes