PaMu Slide Mini True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

True wireless earbuds are truly expensive for features that you may never use such as noise-cancelling and even the features are truly useful eventually after 2 years of use they become useless because of battery degradation.

For around $50 we get a lot of options for a pair of entry-level true wireless earbuds, which basically suppports AptX/AAC and wireless charging and the PaMu Slide Mini just added another option for you to consider.

PaMu Slide Mini True

  • 10 hours of battery
  • Qualcomm chip processor
  • 4 color options: black, white, green and pink
  • Touch control
  • Wireless charging

With design sort of like Airpods Pro, leaving more room for hardwards and battery that PaMu Slide Mini can host 85mAh battery and last up to 10 hours. Though the PaMu Slide Mini has a bit more secure fit than Airpod Pro.

The wireless charging feature charges you less if compared with over $100 earbuds.

Come with earbuds are relatively small charging case.

Touch control allow you to play/pause music, take calls, navigate tracks and volume up/down

The IPX6 rating indicates they are designed for sports.

PaMu Slide Mini has dynamic driver – that their sound isn’t particularly characterized like heavy bass or natural, instead they tend to sound generally nice with focus on mid-range while maintaining a reasonable treble lift and presentation of bass.

The built-in dual microphone actually ensures the effective noise reduction tech and the Slide Mini delivers the clear calls.

TheBestEarbuds’s Roundup

The PaMu Slide Mini is affordable and packs a lot of features that only seen in more expensive earbuds like AptX, long-lasting battery 10 hours, Qi wireless charging.

The call quality and sound quality is great and it offers a lot of color options and with stylish look and feel having them on your ears I won’t just be a headphone.


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