Ownphones and 3D-printing earbuds(custom earbuds)

Custom earbuds will seal your ears better from the ambient noise.

You see a lot of 3D-printing applications and finally it comes to earbuds.

The earbuds manufacturers just provides 4 pairs of earbud tips and you know the ear shapes are not the same for everyone. What happen if your ears do not fit to all of them, it is too big or too small and easy to loosen even drop out of your ears. What are you going to do with this situation. There is a solution.

OwnPhones will launch  $250,000 Kickstarter campaign soon. The startup OwnPhones takes the advantages of 3D-printing to produce the earbuds which perfectly fit to your ears. The founders of OwnPhones, Israeli designer and artist Itamar Jobani aimed to creates personalized, wireless, Bluetooth-controlled earbuds.


How do they customize the earbuds to perfectly fit to your ears? Ownphone

How it work?

There will be mobile app available on Android, iOS, Window 8 app store. Users download this app to their smart devices, and record a short video from this app, then the video will be uploaded to the Ownphones’ server to process the video. The process coverts the images taken from the video to 3D model.

The app will let users pick up the material for earbuds like silver, gold, wood, or plastic. Additionally, users can find the styles of their own buds from the app. And if the users want to use earbuds for different purposes like running, travelling…OwnPhones will help the find the best earbud suitable for the activities. Some more settings may be applied such as customizing what the wearers hear.



Soundescaping OwnPhones

The printed earbuds will provide perfect fit, and excellent seal for noise-isolating. You will not be annoyed by putting your earbuds again and again to your ears while jogging and enjoy the pure music without the ambient sounds. That’s all things earbud lovers expect to come.

When do you have it? The first batch of products are available latter this year.

While waiting for it there is another choice with assist fitting SONY MDR-XB90EX or if you are interested in the printed earbuds you can also sign up at www.ownphones.com to get a half price of  $499

Updated on July 06, 2014


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