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What Is Over The Ear Headphones ?

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Over the ear headphones can be referred to Circumaural headphones; closed-back headphones; earcup headphones; full size headphones. This kind of headphones will fully surround your ears, which in turns provides the good noise reduction effects, powerful bass and open sound stage. The bass monster is gained from big diaphragm-dynamic driver, which is able to push air strongly.

There are 2 types of over ear headphones, one is close-back (sealed) and the other is called open back.

When wearing close-back headphones, which have great noise-isolating effects, the sound will only be heard by users. It is null to others.

Here are some best over ear headphones you can find for selected price, for under 100 you can only find close-back over ear headphones:

Best Over Ear Headphones Under 50

Best Over The Ear Headphones Under $100

Top 10 Best Noise Cancelling Over Ear Headphones Under 100

Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones (Over Ear)

Wireless headphones for TV–designed specifically to be used with home audio device such as AV, Game consoles and TV. They both have closed-back or open back design.

SONY MDR1 over the ear headphones

The preminium sony over the ear headphones: SONY MDR1, 2 lines are inner diameter and outer diameter of pads

Full size headphones are described as circumaural. This term also is applied for any headphones that ear cups are big enough to fully wrap around your ears. I could say your ears are completely “covered up” by this types of headphones. Many over the ear headphones today have adapted to mordern life, they are designed to be more portable rather than for only home or office use. Beat by dr Dre HD is an example of mobility, the Brand recently has been accquired by Apple.

Other technical specifications of over-ear headphones are the same as ear buds you can read more in my post “What is Earbuds and how to find good earbuds?”

What Is The Advantage and Dis-Advantage of Over The Ear Headphones?

Pros: You like dance, pop, rock, R&B, the music that mixes a lot of bass for typical tones and rhythm. These sounds can lift your mood, and certainly over the ear headphones fortify those sounds, which gives you more fidelity experiences with these kinds of music genres. These over ear headphones can maximize bass and loudness levels  because ear cups can host a big size speaker and drivers, they also provide the wide space between your ear and the earcup so they are able to produce a larger source of audio. Generally, you will feel music more open, more bass and deeper sound.

Additionally, the manufacturers will easily to place drivers up to 40 mm in ear cups, and larger drivers means cheaper prices you can get. The drivers functions as sound processing, and the levels of detail, clearity, bass, deep are totally relied on how well drivers do.

The ear cups together with pads can effectively block ambient sound and they reduce a significant amount of noise. They are also very comfortable for a long hours.

Finally, the music is sealed giving you a rich music experience. With the great sound quality and better noise isolation they are ideal for the studio. Compared to earbuds, they are considereably more durable.

Cons: It is not really suited for cycling or running, they are never a good option for these activities. That’s being said, they have been changed a lot to adapt the portability. If you are sport enthusiasts, you should choose earbuds–in ear headhpones because they stick better to the ear. If you have thick and long hair, or glasses the big ear cups and large headband can counter with these things, they will not stay well in position on your head.

They require higher audio output from portable devices get to the maximum volume level, if you have mp3, or smart phones and you are a fan of “music loud”, they may not satisfy you. That’s good to prevent hearing damage due to listening loud music for long time.

They look huge and bulky, probably other think you are weird having these thing on. This doesn’t really matter if you wear them in your room or office. You may think it is less fashionable, on the other hand, there are a lot of attractive designs from Beat, Sony, and more, they acctually look very nice on around your ears. Over the ear headphones take more space in your bag, and you can’t put them in your pocket.

If you wear an very expensive over the ear heaphones while travelling be aware of stealing because many bad guys spot it.

They have some extra features for your needs

  • Most of them are designed to easily fold up, so they are travel-friendly items, when you put them in a carrying case.
  • Some have an amplification feature.  It is quite exciting for those who prefer music played loud when you turn this feature on, the volume will be boosted to some extend. They can help to amplify volume of low audio output from mp3 or smartphones.
  • Mic offers hand-free calling. It’s also nice if you can make a phone call while still wearing this kind of headphones,  they have a microphone inline on cable. This will allow you to hear more clear sound from the phone call. Due to the variety of phone today-Windows, iOS, Android, mic and inline control may not be compatible with your phones.
  • Track navigation, also called volume control that allows you to stop or play songs. The volume control places inline on the wire or on the ear cup housing. Button to receive the call.
  • The pads, which is a factor contributing to comfort and sound isolation can be replaced. Pads from some high quality headphones are made by geniune leather.
  • Bluetooth connection: you can enjoy music from your smart devices without cable.
  • Noise-cancelling feature to block out the world.

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