OPPO Enco W51

Triple Microphones + ø7mm Drivers

On June 12 OPPO revealed their first ANC TWS earbuds, the Enco W51 in China. It cost less than 500 RMB (~$70) much cheaper than other competitors.

ANC feature comes helpful in modern life, and commuters appreciate this feature when you make call or listening music in noisy places such as crowded street office or subway.

TWS will soon replace Bluetooth headsets by its business call quality performance.

The Enco W51 is about to achieve excellent call sound quality, with triple-mic built in, one of which is place near the driver inside the ear canals to pick up the user’s voice, if you make call outside it is able to filter out the wind noise at wind speed 25km/h.

The W51 is supported by Sound + Technology for both call noise reduction and ANC and dual mics will capture user’s voice and ambient noise.

To compete with c.V.c technology developed by Qualcomm, the Sound + Technology has developed AI noise reduction tech with dual or triple mic built-in. The Sound+ can measure the sound from any direction, its working principle is quite simple capturing the users’ voice and filtering out the background noise, which reduces roughly 30dB (subtract about 90% of all incoming noises). Relatively new to the market but the Sound+ provides a lot of advanced solutions for hearables (earphones, headsets) such as the vibration detection (bone conduction) when user is speaking, directional mics pick up sound, and noise cancelling.

The Enco W51 is equipped with BES2300, which have built-in ANC function and noise suppression tech.

The W51 can effectively reduce ambient noise by up to 70 dB.


With low latency mode the Enco W51 deliver great experience for watching video or playing game.

Sound signature: Balanced, Neutral


  • Impressive NC performance
  • Wireless charging case
  • Great call performance


  • Comfort and Fit: 9.0
  • Bass: 7
  • Mid-range: 7.5
  • Treble: 8.0
  • Bluetooth stability: 9.0
  • Sport feature: 8
  • Call quality: 8.5
  • For gaming and watching video: 8.5
  • Sound signature: Balanced sounding profile, clear treble, strong bass


  • Average battery life
  • Average sound quality


8.0 OPPO Enco W51

Alternative to Airpods Pro for a lot cheaper. If you look for something that can perform like Airpod Pro the Enco W51 is a great buy.

Battery life

My battery test: the Enco W51 can last for approximately 4 hours with ANC off.

Package & Accessories

4 pairs of silicon eartips (XS + S + M + L), USB-C charging cable, charging case and a pair of Enco W51.


If you have Oppo phone pairing with Enco W51 is pretty simple just open the case, there is a notification popping up asking for pairing. Otherwise if you have other Android phone, open the Bluetooth setting for connection.

Bluetooth range without interference is roughly 15 meters 

Comfort & Fit

For this kind of earbuds’ design, they are sealed in the ear, lightweight (4.0 grams) and comfortable to wear.

Call performance

Audio enhancements and noise suppression are important features for true wireless earbuds that define the call quality. The Enco W51 performs great for calls in many situation such as noisy office, bar, train stations, coffee shop and call center.

The call quality is on par with (or somewhat better) Airpods Pro.

Sound Quality

Many companies now build more drivers into their earbuds to improve sonic experiences to users, like Samgsung with Galaxy Bud+.

The Enco W51 are made with dual graphene drivers, which covers wider range of frequencies, so the bass and treble feel a bit extended.

We compared the Enco W51 with Airpod Pro, the first performs the bass somewhat better than the later. Enco W51’s bass is crisp and powerful enough for R&B, electric music.

OPPO Enco W51’s spec

  • Bluetooth version: 5.0
  • Driver size: 7mm dynamic driver
  • Touch control
  • Dual microphones for ANC
  • 94ms (47ms for single ear) low-latency
  • IPX54
  • Weight: 4.6g for each earbud; 55.5g for the case
  • Earbuds’ battery capacity: 25mAh battery – battery life: 4 hours (3.5h with ANC)
  • Wireless charging case (350mAh)
  • Weight: 4grams each earpiece
  • Colors: white, black, blue

The OPPO Enco W51 will be shipped on July 9th and available to pre-order from from June 12th.

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